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~Tuesday~  I woke up from too many dreams, a little annoyed, which is silly. But I hate it when I have very busy dreams that go on and on. They make me tired.

On the way to the city bus stop, I checked my (U.S.) mail, surprised to find it virtually empty. I didn't check Friday's mail and Saturday's would have been in there, too. I thought I'd remembered seeing a shipment notice from Medco of my Lisinopril, but it wasn't in there.

I arrived at the bus stop at 8:16. It was hot and humid as hell out, not a good thing, since summer is still a few weeks away. And my laptop bag was heavy this morning, as I had both my Thinkpad and my Mac in it.

The bus arrived at 8:24. I was so relieved to see that Hot Mess Driver was not at the helm, and that the driver who was, believed in air conditioning. It was a quiet ride in, which means that Logorrhea was not on board either. Speaking of Logorrhea, that was Monday's A.Word.A.Day entry!

A man with a lot of junk in his trunk boarded at the McKimmon stop on Gorman Street and pulled the cord to get off at the next stop, just on the other side of Western Boulevard. I laughed thinking about how he would have gotten berated by Hot Mess Driver for not waiting until the bus was in the middle of the intersection to signal for that stop.

There was a kid on a motorized bicycle near the intersection of Gorman and Hillsborough whom I applauded for wearing a helmet—and it was a motorcycle-type helmet as opposed to a bicycle helmet. What I did not applaud—nor understand—though, was that he was riding his vehicle on the sidewalk, and worse, on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the road.

I attended our weekly staff meeting with my manager, during which she gave me my official annual review appraisal, with which I was very pleased. I was as pleased with the sweet potato pie she brought to the meeting.

I ran to the Subway for a late lunch, a foot-long turkey and cheese foot-long, of which I ate half at lunch time and saved the other half for later in the afternoon when I was sure to get the munchies.

From 1:00 - 2:00, I prepared for a 2:00 meeting wanting to arrive with answers to questions that would surely be asked and not have to search for the answers during the meeting. Once there, I was glad I did.

I spent the latter part of my day doing an edit on this year's Computing @ NC State, which is a publication our IT organization gives out to incoming freshmen during the orientation sessions over the summer.

I ran errands this evening including stops at the Family Dollar Store, K-mart, and

At the Family Dollar store, I bought several greeting cards for up-coming occasions this month, as well as three bags (that's all they had, or I would have gotten five) of Bit O' Honey candy and two boxes of Caramel Nips. There was an obese woman there who grunted and groaned with every step she made, as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, when in reality, she had the weight of her body on her knees.

On the way to K-mart, I stopped to fill up my car with gas, which came to $61.00 Bastards.

I went to K-mart solely to pick up my Nexium prescription at the pharmacy.

My final stop was at the Target at Crossroads, where I was annoyed to find the deodorant separated—and not only sectionally, but on totally separate aisles—by gender. \O/ Really? Why exactly can't a man use the non-scented Sure? Refuckingdiculous.

I was also annoyed that they didn't have the non-aerosol spray hair gel that I desperately need.

I bought a new bottle of those expensive-ass fish oil pills, paying an additional $7 to get the "burp-less" variety. I can think of few things worse than burping up fish taste.

I had planned to make one more stop at a grocery store, but since that Target I was in had recently been converted to a "Super Target," I walked through the grocery section and picked up the few crucial things that I needed.

When I got home, it was after 10:00, and I worked on transferring the IML pics that I want to use in Sunday's blog entry from my phone to my laptop and then from my laptop up to Livejournal's photo gallery.

And, finally, I devised Saturday's blog entry from my notes. Happily, I made it through the night without checking my work email.



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