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A busy workday, an aborted Kindle return, seeing Ann, loud phone talkers, & finishing Bossypants...

~Thursday~ My throat was sore when I woke up this morning, and I harked up gobs of unmentionable goo. Mark that one up to over-sharing first thing in the morning.

I was at the bus stop at 8:10, way too early for the the 8:15 bus, but I had my Kindle with me and used the time to read. When the bus arrived at 8:24, I was at 89% complete. No, I don't have any idea how many more pages that is, but it isn't many.

I had the most productive day at work that I've had in a long time, accomplishing various tasks such as:

  1. Editing about a 100 pages of news items and tagging them with a new tag that needed to be added to them to make them show up in a new view.

  2. Reviewed my annual performance appraisal, which I was very pleased with, especially since it was done by my new manager. She did a good job keeping the interim assessment done by my former manager reflected in the final product, adding the stuff in I've done working for her since she took over last October.

  3. I edited two Google Apps @ NC State related documents.

  4. I requested admin rights to my desktop PC machine.

  5. I began the ordering process of a bookcase/cabinet that matches my modular furniture.

  6. I assigned nine sections of the EDUCAUSE Core Data Survey to people in our organization after looking at the questions in each section and determining who in our organization was best-suited to answer them.

In mid-afternoon I ran across the street to turn in my Kindle, which as due today, noting that I was 92% done and noting the title of the chapter I was on to find it in the book that I had at home. It was the last chapter entitled, "What Shall I Do With My Last Ten Minutes?"

When I handed the Kindle to the person at the circulation desk to turn it in, she said, "Uh? The box that it came in? With the charger in it?"

Damnit! I'd forgotten all about that. It was at home on my couch. I asked what time they closed and said I'd bring it back later this evening.

I caught the 6:00 bus home, and was absolutely delighted to run into Ann at the bus stop. We had five or ten minutes to catch up, and it was nice. I really like her.

Logorrhea was on board the bus, and she was talking on her cell phone, using it like a walkie-talkie. Great. Loud. Loud. Loud. Nobody cares about your business.

It reminded me of one of The John Tesh Radio Show "Intelligence for Your Life" items that I heard recently. He asked his listeners to call or email him about how they handle loud cell phone talkers in public places, and he read three of them that people had sent in:

  1. "I jump into their conversation. I ask them questions about things that they're saying. They almost always end their conversation very quickly once I start doing that."

  2. "I get behind them and I start singing really loudly. Off key."

  3. "I have a cell phone blocker, and I just zap their calls."

I might have to add one of those blockers to my amazon.com wishlist!

Once home, I grabbed a quick dinner, and finished that last chapter of Bossypants, which was just a few pages. Then, I ran to get a haircut.

From there, I drove over to the library and returned that, now boxed up, Kindle.

Back at home, I did a little more work, while doing two loads of laundry.

Then, instead of packing like I should have, I went to Trailer Park Prize Night for a little while. Bob, Joe, and Phil were out. I left later than I should have, but didn't stay for the entire show.
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