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A psycho-sexual non-erotic dream, identifiable anonymity, Chicago doings, and Bossypants...

~Monday~  OMG. I woke up from what was unequivocally the most bizarre dream of my entire life-to-date. And I've had a lot of dreams at my ripe old age. It was an intense, psycho-sexual, but completely non-erotic—except for one scene at the very beginning before I realized what was going on—dream of epic proportions.

As much as I want to for posterity, I could never capture the elements and qualities of it that made it what it was, it would take way too long to write, and I'm well aware that no one's dreams are ever as interesting to others as they are to you. In other words:

T-shirt that says, 'No One Cares About Your Dreams'

I drove into work this morning, where I parked in a two-hour curbside spot behind my building, on Vanderbilt Street. When it was time to move it, I drove over to Gorman and Kaplan, and as I walked up to the bus stop, the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus was pulling up. Perfect timing.

There was a distinct odor of urine on the bus, which followed a man off the bus three stops later.

I had a delightful lunch with Jen out on The Brickyard. We took a table that was half in the sun and half in the shade, which worked for both of us. I took the seat in the shade. After eating, we had a nice walk around the neighborhood behind our work building. Good exercise. Good company.

We were presented with a management feedback survey for our organization at work today, in which we can provide anonymous feedback to all levels of our management team, which for me is essentially three people: my immediate boss, my boss's boss, and his boss, who is the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO for the university.

There's only one little problem with that anonymity part. I'm the only person who reports to my immediate boss.

I have an email into the university HR person asking, "I'm just trying to decide how to answer the questions, and I'm wondering things like if she's going to be given the 'raw data' (i.e., exactly what I enter), or is she going to be provided with the 'gist' of what I say, or just a 'positive/negative' indicator, that sort of thing."

At home this evening, I did a little investigation into my trip coming up this weekend, leaving for Chicago Friday morning. Here are things I uncovered:

  • I will spend $2.25, each way, to get between the airport and the Hyatt downtown by train/metro, as opposed to $30 each way on average by any other means.

  • I will be line-dancing and two-stepping at Charlie's, which has dancing from 9:30PM - 1:00AM on Friday and 9:30PM - 2:00AM on Saturday.

  • I can get to Boystown from downtown by a quarter mile walk to the metro stop (the same one I'll get off at when I come in from the airport), taking the red line towards Howard, getting off at the Addison stop, and walking another quarter mile to the club.

  • The projected lows for the days I'm going to be there are in the mid-50s to low-60s, which means I can get by just packing shorts and t-shirts.

I went to bed at 8:30 and read some of Bossypants until lights out at 9:30. It's a crying shame that I'm not going to be able to finish that book before it's due on Thursday.

I'm torn about trying to renew it to take to Chicago with me to finish. One, because I don't have very much confidence that I'll be able to "renew" the Kindle (but it is possible, since it's summertime and most of the students are gone), but more than that, because I'm not sure I want to take the risk of traveling with it, since it's not mine. I've lost a library book before while traveling, and I would hate for that to happen with a Kindle.
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