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An ethnic breakfast, annoying PostSecret puzzles, Muslim Globe Trotters, & more book club milestones

~Sunday~  I was up at around 9:30 this morning, and I celebrated my ethnicity by making a chourico and cheese omelet. I "food-processed" about ten chourico hot dogs, some of which I put in the omelet, and the rest of which I'll add to a dip I'm going to make.

For the first time ever, I was a little annoyed with PostSecrets today, as too many of their entries required too much "work" to "get." I mean, I'm all for having to think a little, but I don't want to do puzzles to figure them out. These four in particular annoyed me:

I used to do the cryptoquotes all the time in the N&O, and I could very well do this one if I were so inclined. However, I don't come to PostSecret to do puzzles. Annoyed.


I have several issues with the next one: 1) again, it's a puzzle, 2) it's too long, and 3) some of the items are poorly drawn, which adds to number two. Annoyed.

Pictures, several of which are poorly drawn, representing words that you have to figure out

I have no idea what language or code this next one might be in, wouldn't know where to start to figure it out (not to mention that I don't even want to), and the picture isn't even engaging to me. Annoyed.

Written in what I don't even recognize as a potential language

I know what QR codes are, and I even like them. And although I don't come to PostSecret to solve puzzles, I did try to use BeeTagg on the first image and it returned "unrecognized image" or "unable to scan" or whatever. Bottom line it didn't work. Annoyed.

Two signs in the form of QR codes that didn't resolve on my first scan

Did I mention annoyed?

I heard a bunch of women talking outside my bathroom window, and when I Gladys Kravitzed through the blind slat, imagine my surprise to see seven women, fully-covered, in this blazing heat, most of them fairly tall, and one of them dribbling a basketball!

For some odd reason I thought of nuns, specifically those in the Convent San Tanco and then thought of the Harlem Globe Trotters. The sight just put a big smile on my face.

They got into several different cars, and I smiled even more thinking about the looks on the faces of those who might be around at the basketball court when they pull up and started filing out.

Just before I left my house to drop in to my office, Joe checked in by phone from Pennsylvania, where he was on his way to pick up his mother from the short-term care facility to take her to his sister Mary's 40th birthday party.

On the way out, I grabbed four phone books that I've had earmarked for the recycle bin expressly for phone books that's in the lobby of my work building. Not that I've been waiting 11 years to do it, but at work I deposited the four of them, published in March of 2000 and none of which looked like the covers had ever even been opened.

My Mostly Social Book Club met out at the Caribou Coffee in Brier Creek and a couple of things that we shared tonight made me contemplate how long this group has been meeting—over 19 years now—and all the things we've "been through together" including, but not limited to:

  • the birth of children

  • the marriage of children

  • the birth of grandchildren

  • the divorce of children

  • the quitting of a member

  • the coming out of a member (or two)

  • the divorce of a member

  • the graduation of several children

  • the death of the ex-partner of a member

and not to mention the topics during our social time between books (which, with a name like The Mostly Social Book Club, is plenty) now skewing towards what aches and pains we're feeling and what medications we're taking to combat them.

And regretfully, this evening, with the absence of one of our members to be with her mother, it's imminent that we'll be adding "the death of the parent of a member" to the list. And, "the arrest of the child of a member" is also now on the list, with a very unfortunately situation in which a member's child has gotten mixed up with a psychotic—now ex—partner.

In book news, and we do have some, not everyone has finished The Color Purple, so we're delaying the discussion until either June or July's meeting. June's meeting is part of yet another graduation of a child, and one of our members won't be able to make it, so we may or may not discuss the book then. To that end, I'm glad I made notes about it while it was fresh on my mind when I finished it.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home, where I spent more than I thought I was going to, but they were all things that I needed.

Once home, I had the other half of my Hoo-Mee New England Chow Mein for dinner. Not sure 9:45 in the evening is the best time for dinner, but I was starving and it was yummy, yummy, yummy!

I retired early this evening, and laughed out loud some more while reading Tina Fey's Bossypants.
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