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~Saturday~  I was up at 9:00, and I prepared sausage "biscuits" for our 10:30 board meeting. That means that I microwaved 15 sausage patties and sliced 15 rolls on which to place them.


I actually arrived in Durham at the Manbites Dog Theater with 15 minutes to spare before the meeting, instead of rushing in there right at the start like I normally do.

We started about ten minutes late, but it was a productive meeting, and everyone enjoyed the refreshments. Six of the seven board members were present, with only Jeff missing, who's in residence now through July 18 in New York City.

Robert drove over to the theater to join me for lunch afterwards, and we both had something to exchange with each other when he arrived. I gave him four of the leftover "biscuits" to enjoy for breakfast tomorrow, and he gave me a bottle of 30-year aged bourbon that the guys insulating his attic found "hidden" up there.

It was 10-year aged 1991 fifth of bourbon, and it had a price tag of $5.80 on it. Some poor sucker probably hid it up there from his wife. I was thrilled to have it, but I am torn between drinking it or adding it to my bottle collection, since it's a "bottle with a story."

We had lunch at the new Geer Street Garden restaurant on the corner catty-corner to King's Sandwich Shop, which is to say, just across the street from Manbites Dog Theater. We had the cutest waitress, and when she greeted us, I said, "You are absolutely adorable."

Robert and I both ordered their Farmhand Foods Bratwurst. We both ordered it without the kraut, and on mine, I replaced the mustard with mayonnaise. It came with some fries that I really enjoyed. I think they had sea salt on them.

It was good, but in retrospect, I wished I'd've ordered the Grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich instead, some of it maybe having to do with the fact that I'd just eaten sausage biscuits during our board meeting . Oh well, next time.

They were out of their banana pudding dessert, so we tried the Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Salty Peanut Caramel Sauce, about which the waitress said, "It's like a PayDay candy bar." It was incredibly delicous.

I took a little nap when I got home, just because, and when I got up, I immediately tackled the minutes of the board meeting we'd just had. There were three driving factors to getting them done:

  1. I hate, hate, hate putting them off and then having to cram them in as the next meeting draws nigh.

  2. There are only three weeks before our June board meeting, and providing everyone with their action items sooner rather than later exponentially increases the chances that they'll be done in a timely fashion.

  3. Some of the action items involve starting some planning tasks for our 25th anniversary season, which starts this September, and which we really need to get going on.

After that, and before heading out, I responded to an email that I've been putting off until I wouldn't be rushed doing it.

I got to Flex at about 10:30, where it was Bearlesque, a portmanteau that seems to repel as much as—if not more than—oil and water.

My friend Ben was there, who was actually going to be in the show, and he offered me one of his free drink coupons, as he didn't want to drink any more before the show started at midnight.

I said hello to Phil, who as out and about, and to (military) Van who was out again.

After a while, Bob appeared, and I spent the rest of my time there talking with him, where I hated to learn that his house had been broken into this week. Among other things, they took his big-screen TV. No worse feeling than coming home from work to find your doors open and your place gone through. It brought back memories of the time our—mine, and my then-wife's—maid stole our stuff.

I left there as the show was starting at a little after midnight.

Oh yeah. In a surprise only to those who withdrew all their money from the bank and sold their homes in preparation for it, the Harold Camping's predicted Rapture did not happen today. I'm sure I'll see this look on absolutely none of my friends' faces:

Girl with her hands on her face as if she's surprised



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