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Tina Fey & Paula Poundstone, a thoughtful BBQ plate, & praying for free WiFi in Hell...

~Friday~  I read a little bit of Bossypants on the Kindle at the boss stop, and yes, laughed out loud a couple of times like a loony bin. For some weird reason, whenever I picture the author saying these funny things, it occurs to me right after it that I've pictured Paula Poundstone as opposed to Tina Fey saying them. I think that's weird.

While I was standing there reading, a lady walked by with a tiny black curly-haired dog on a leash that made its way toward my bare leg, and the lady said, "No, no, Midnight," while tugging on its leash.

My boss worked from home today, so I was the only one from our department in the office today. That's what happens when you only have a two-person department.

At lunch time I walked a couple of blocks to the Fairmont United Methodist Church on Clark Avenue, where I'd bought a ticket from a colleague of mine for their BBQ Plate fundraiser.

It was most delicious and "thoughtfully" pre-pared, which seems a little odd to say about a take-out BBQ plate, but it was. They had placed a separator sheet on top of the food in the little wells (containing the BBQ, slaw, and potato salad) and on top of that sheet placed the two pork skins, the three hushpuppies, the dessert, the packet of hot sauce, and the plastic cutlery. Nicely done.

Temporary Alice
and her daughter Word Search Lady were on the bus home. As is usual, they sat in separate seats, and Word Search Lady played with her electronic Wheel of Fortune® game. As is not usual, I man was sitting with, and chatting up, Temporary Alice. Wonder if he's interested in anything permanent with her.

At home, I made chow mein from the other half of the onion-mushroom-celery mix I'd stir-fried, and the ground beef I'd browned, on Wednesday. Good stuff!

I took a nap before going out and started out at The Borough. The place was jam-packed and at one point looking around I thought, "Okay this place may not officially be designated a gay bar, but seriously, I see about two women in here, and the rest of the crowd is exclusively gay men. It was at about that time that I posted this Facebook status update:

Just hangin' out at The Borough. #WaitingForTheRapture #WithATonOf'Mos #PrayingForFreeWiFiInHell

From there, I dropped into 313, where I got in free, and which was dead. I didn't buy a drink at all, and I stayed for a grand total of about ten minutes.

I got in free to Legends, which was jam-packed, and I watched a portion of the drag show, which had Coti Collins in it, in one of her rare apprearances back in Raleigh as she's traveling the country extensively this year as part of her Miss Gay USA reign.

I didn't buy a drink there either, and I left right after the short show (showsheshez) ended, which was before 1:00, because at the end of it, they said, "We'll be starting back up with the 1:00 show in just a little bit."
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