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Worked from home, Friday the 13th ruminations, the legendary Bill Padgett's place, & staying in...

~Friday~ I gloriously worked from home today, so no buscapades.

It was so nice to be able to do a load of laundry "in the background," while I worked, and to be able to finish up my deviled egg dish during lunch for this afternoon's party. It was nice to have the accoutrement to do them up right. Thanks, Bob, for the loan of the Easy Accent Decorator and the Tupperware egg tray.

Two dozen deviled eggs in Tupperware container

The eggs were a big hit and were the first thing on the table to run out.

Today was Friday the 13th, about which I have no superstition. In fact, being born on the 13th of a month (and no, I was not born on a Friday), I'm rather fond of the number, which is also the case with Robert, who was born on the 13th of a different month.

I often choose 13 as a number whenever it's available—for example, in "think-of-a-number-between" and always a seat row on a flight. If hotels generally had a 13th floor, I'd choose that, but they usually don't, so I opt for the 14th when I have a choice, as we all know that that's really the 13th floor.

As for those who do have some superstition about the 13th, I posted this on Facebook today:

I have seen 3 different words for the fear of Friday, the 13th. The only thing scarier would be if there were 10 more. #friggatriskaidekaphobia #paraskavedekatriaphobia #triskaidekaphobia

Who knew?

I attended my first party, a graduation party for my friend and colleagues Jen and Ron, another guy's graduation (someone I didn't know), at the legendary Bill Padgett's house this afternoon.

Bill used to work in our organization, and when he did, he evidently had the grandest of parties on a somewhat regular basis. What's mostly renowned about his house, other than the sheer size of it, is "the shed," where he, well let's look at some pictures:

I was hopeful that there would be fireman further in, but it was not to be.
Firemen's gear

Stairway to the attic, complete with snake coiled up on that first step
Stairway to the attic

This guy keeps perpetual watch out the window
Human scarecrow in front of window lookng out

Entrance to the attic at the top of the stairs
Xylophone at the top of the stairs entering into the attic area

A couple of ceiling fans, these two colorful
Two ceiling fans with pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange paddles

In talking about the shed "collection," Bill's son noted, "They made a TV series about him... Hoarders."

In addition to Bill hosting the event he (and the hosts, Laura and David Ladrie, I suspect) bought a whole bunch of hot dogs to grill. And Bill did all the grilling. Someone brought these foot-long beauties:

A very sophomoric picture of foot-long hot dogs...

I appreciated Bill's sense of humor as on the way out, I saw this out-of-service cop car he has parked in his driveway:

Blue and white cop car with personalized license plate: SLO-DOWN!

I had intended to go out later this evening, but after napping from 8:30 until 10:30, I woke up and started reading some more of The Color Purple and ended up staying in.
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