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Impeccably painted nails, a salacious goody trail, the check was in the mail, and Cinco de Drinco...

~Thursday~  I parked at the Avent Ferry Park & Ride and caught the 8:00 Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus.

You can tell it's exam week at the university as a bunch of kids were studying on the bus, which reminded me that I need to check the university bus schedule to see when they switch to their summer schedule.

I created a file on my phone to start writing down songs I hear that I want to purchase, as I keep forgetting to buy Train's Hey Soul Sister. I just love that song.

A girl sitting across from me had her nails done up in black and white to impeccably match her NC State red, white, and black sweatshirt.

Black nails with a white strip diagonally through them

I had quite the productive work day, including one meeting across campus from 10:45 until noon.

I enjoyed the many variations in Facebook status updates for Cinco de Mayo today, such as Drinco De Mayo and Cinco De Drinco, with my favorite being the presumably correct, "Feliz el quinto de mayo."

Later, I learned that Cinco de Mayo is not the celebration of Mexican independence as most people believe.

I heard by email from my financial advisor that he'd received the check I'd mailed to him and asking me to confirm a purchase in the Royce funds that we had previously discussed.

I wrote back to him saying, "Yes, please buy the Royce funds! Don't you love how I sent a signed check for 40 grand through the U.S. mail? I was feeling reckless!"

I caught the #1 Avent Ferry bus home at about 5:30, and at the Carmichael Gym stop, a shirtless guy boarded, which I didn't think was really permitted on the bus. Fortunately, he was somebody who should walk around with his shirt off. Unfortunately, he was somebody who knew it.

As a total boner bonus, the waist of his pants were riding so low that I'm quite sure that another eighth of an inch lower would have revealed the top of his pubes, with which that thin blond goody trail was sure to merge. And, he stood up the whole way with his left arm raised to hold the upper handrail.

I had a turkey burger for dinner, along with a salad, of course. Totally delicious.

I had a two-hour nap before heading out to Trailer Park Prize Night, where in a rare occurrence Joe was out, since he's off tomorrow. I was surprised it wasn't more crowded there for Cinco de Mayo. In the immortal words of the drag queen emcee, "Where all my Hispanic people at?"

Bob arrived, and at one point, out of the corner of my eye, I thought, "Are those socks and sandals?" But, I didn't want to say anything, for fear of hurting his feelings, so I didn't.

Turns out he had read my Tuesday blog entry and wore them on purpose. That takes balls. I like that.
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