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Bus driver on trial, out of the rut at Sadlack's, a rainbow Greenpeace rep, & dancing...

~Wednesday~  I left my place at 8:00, and I parked at the Avent Ferry Park & Ride with plans to do a quick run into the Food Lion upon my return home this evening. Had to get those raisins I mentioned yesterday.

The Wolfline #1 Avent Ferry bus driver was standing outside the bus talking on her cell phone. She got back on the bus, still talking, and even started rolling a little bit forward, trying to end a conversation that was truly just chit-chat and I thought, "Oh no you're not going to make me file a report about putting the lives of several people at risk just to finish your conversation about how Stella got her groove on."

On the side I was facing, I noted that 25% of the ads on today's bus were for events that took place in April. Who's responsible for policing those things?

You can tell the semester is winding down, as there ended up being a total of only 12 people on the bus at any one point this morning. That means, at most, the bus driver could have been charged with a maximum of 12 counts of second degree murder.

In a very non-standard incident, there was what looked like a food truck parked at one point along side Dan Allen Drive, which is one of the busiest thoroughfares through campus. It looked like it was going to try and sell t-shirts, which I say only because there were stacks of t-shirts on the counter where the condiments might have been of it were a food truck. It had a banner whose end was blocked in such a way that all I saw was, "Get cash for...", which really didn't support the t-shirt selling posit.

What you usually see "Get cash for..." type signs for on campus around this time of year is for returning used textbooks.

I had a 9:00 meeting this morning, which is my least favorite time of the day to have meetings. However, I couldn't really bitch about this one, as I'm the one who scheduled it.

My boss and I met with a colleague I really like and during our pre-meeting relationship-building time, I learned that he'd been away this weekend to his 50th high school reunion, in Mobile, Alabama. I was fascinated to learn that, at the time, it was a segregated school—segregated by sex! It was an all-male public school. Who knew?

I met my friend Susan for lunch at Sadlack's, where we used the last of our six Groupons. I actually stepped outside my comfort zone, by trying the Dr. Frank instead of the Skillinator X (with mayo instead of mustard), which is what I always get when I go there, because I just love it so much.


Smoked turkey, banana peppers and Swiss cheese-HOT with lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, oil, salt and pepper. Cold, served on toasted rye bread.


Italia sub with imported ham, salami,bologna, provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, oil spices (mayo and/or mustard).

I was very pleased with my decision, which will only make my next lunch decision there harder.

On my way back up Hillsborough Street, I let myself be stopped by a handsome blond with a clipboard-type deal in his hand, thinking it might be a quick survey.

It turned out not to be quick, and not to be a survey. He was recruiting members for Greenpeace, and long story short, I ended up joining with the required minimum donation of $15 a month, which I promptly reduced to $10 after I returned to my office.

From the beginning, I suspected that "Phillip" was a family member, but it wasn't until he called into the home office and they asked him his password, that it was confirmed: Rainbow Warrior.

When we finished up, I said to him, "Nice password."

He laughed and said, "Oh that that's the name of one of [Greenpeace's] ships," but then added, "Although that ought to be the name of my ship, too."

The rest of my work day was uneventful, and I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus home, making a grocery list out on my phone en route, with raisins at the top of the list, of course.

Once home, I fried up, using Teriyaki sauce only, some chicken strips that I had, and then I diced them and added them to my salad along with the raisins, and some croutons that I'd also bought. Oh yeah, and some shredded sharp cheddar cheese, too. OMFG. So delicious.

Dancing fun enough this evening. I got in a good deal of exercise, which these days is really the most important part of being there.
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