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A hot, moist morning; furious notetaking; a cleared calendar; and a late-night workout...

~Thursday~  I so wanted to stay in bed this morning, but I made myself get up instead of hitting the snooze a number of times. I got back to my routine of making a thermos full of coffee and both a breakfast and lunch sandwich to take to work with me.

The weather was moist, hot, and eerily calm this morning—ripe for another round of tornado warnings, which my email alerts from my local news station confirmed. I can't believe no one has blamed the tornadoes wreaking havoc—and I mean as in killing people—across the south has blamed them on the homosexuals yet. Although I'm sure if I googled that, I'd get a hit on at least one of said nutjobs.

I parked on Gorman Street near Avent Ferry Road and ran across the street to hop on the Wolfline bus. Because I was rushing, I took both halves of my key chain and made a mental, as well as physical, note of that so as to avoid any fiasco like the last time I did that.

On the bus, I kept hearing short bursts of phrases, as if whenever one person spoke, they were speaking rather loudly, but by the time I looked around to see who it might be, it stopped. After about the third time, it occurred to me that it was the bus driver announcing the stops, which as I mentioned in yesterday's entry. Evidently she wasn't using the microphone, so although it was loud enough to suspect something, it wasn't loud enough to easily discern.

I had one work meeting today, and it was the weekly one that's in a building across campus. I rode over there with my colleagues Sarah, Twanda, Nick, and Andrew Barnes.

I furiously took notes during the meeting, which I'm not actually assigned to do, but let's just say it was a good thing I did, and leave it at that.

I was going to stop at the NC State Bookstores main branch on the way back as they were having a "moving sale," but there wasn't really a good place to have Sarah drop me off for it, and my past experience with their sales is that they haven't been great, with the biggest problem being they never put on sale the things you'd really want to get on sale.

Back at the office, I checked in with my boss, Rhonda, to see what she'd thought of it as she'd gone earlier in the morning. She confirmed my fear, but she did manage to buy five or so books, most if not all of which were 95% off. Now that's a deal.

I mentioned yesterday that I had cleared a few things from my calendar in an "introvert play" and two of them were events that I'd scheduled for this evening.

The first was the next round of the Master of Science in Technical Communication capstone project oral defenses, which was from 6:00 until 7:30. I'm not sure I can ever go to another one after Tuesday night's debacle. On the one hand, it's a relief. On the other hand, it's a little sad that it's come to that.

I had a commitment to take some bottled water there for Jen, so I stopped by there on the way home and dropped them off in Dr. Dicks' office.

The other thing that was on my calendar was to see a movie at the Campus Cinema called The Mechanic. I'd never heard of this movie, but when I looked through the upcoming movies a couple of weeks back, its description sounded a little compelling, so I'd gone ahead and put it on my calendar. All that is to say, is that I'm not overly committed to it, and still may see one of its remaining screenings before it ends.

A complete aside: When looking for a link to that movie just now, I saw that evidently it's a remake of a 1972 film that starred Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent.

As much as I knew I needed to get to the gym to help me start getting out of this funk, and as much as I knew how much "lying down for a quick nap" after work before going diminishes every possibility of that happening, I did it anyway. ← That's a problem.

I woke up at just before 9PM, and I made myself go. I worked out from 9:30 until 10:30, doing 15 sets of 15 ab crunches, followed by 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine.

Before leaving to go there, I knew it was the one thing that I could do at that moment to most make me feel better about myself, and coming home, I knew it was.
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