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Key West Vacation—Day 3

~Saturday~  For breakfast this morning I had a wheat bagel with cream cheese, and I topped it with grape jam. After I'd finished, one of the guys who works there walked by our table and he leaned over and said to me, "I really like the way you put the cream cheese on your bagel." It was both funny and creepy at the same time.

We walked down toward Duval in the early afternoon to check out a 2nd Annual Key West Author's Book Fair that was going on at the Oldest House Museum & Garden in Key West. We passed this on the way, which looked like something right out of Gilligan's Island:

Jeep with tropical flora all in and out of it

Although I noticed just now on that web page I linked to that it says, "$25 registration," they must have come to their senses that people wouldn't pay that to get in, because it was free when we got there. It was all local authors, and they each had a table set up with their books spread out across them. The first lady was a poet and I thought of my friend Anna when I saw all of her poetry books.

The event was awkwardly intimate, with the best thing going for it being the free mimosas, although Joe and I passed on them in exchange for getting out of there sooner rather than later.

We walked down Duval Street leisurely looking for a place to grab lunch (and leftover dinner) again, heading in the direction of the Quiznos, but not consciously deciding that it was our final destination. As evidenced by this side-of-the-road attraction, you're obviously allowed to have your cock out on the public streets of Key West:

Cock (the animal) in a yard off Duval

We enjoyed this t-shirt in the window of a shop we passed as we sauntered down Duval.

Slammed I Am

When we reached the section of Duval where the two gay bars are right across the street from each other, and totally separate bars even though one is named 801 Bourbon Street and the other one is named Bourbon Street (MDA), they were beginning to cordon off the streets for the Drag Bed Races slated for later in the afternoon.

We did end up getting sandwiches to go from Quiznos, where the lady working the register probably violated all health laws and all of Quiznos corporate policies by having dumped the contents of her purse on the counter for all customers to enjoy.

Pills, lipsticks, and cell phones, oh my!

What, no vibrator or dildo?

We walked back via Southard Street hoping to check out a grocery store we had noticed yesterday, but it turned out to not be on that street. We did pass one of my favorite, or most interesting at least, trees in Key West. I love how big and beautiful this is and how a lot of its roots grow above the ground.

Big tree

Big tree's above-ground roots

We were troopers at happy hour again today, although I had to slip back up to my room mid way through to eat half of the half of the sandwich I'd saved from lunch time, as I started getting a little nauseated drinking on somewhat of an empty stomach.

I stayed in for the evening, and Joe ventured down to the bars, where in the course of the evening when asking about a drag queen named RV Beaumont who wasn't in the show tonight, was told that she had passed.

RV Beaumont

A blog account of her funeral procession from the bar to the sea to spread her ashes.
A news article: Key West mourns loss of popular drag queen.
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