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Key West Vacation—Day 2

~Friday~  We had breakfast at the Island House poolside restaurant, as will probably be the case for the next three days as well. Today, I had their three-cheese omelet with some wheat toast. And coffee, of course.

I worked a little on my pictures and my blog this afternoon, and I sat in the bar area to do it, as it's one of the few places here conducive to using a laptop. If there's any complaint I have about this place, it's that they need to make some outlets accessible to people—everywhere in the place, really—as right now the only one in the entire pool-bar-restaurant area is behind the bar and you have to get one of the bartenders to plug in your plug for you. With all the gadgets that everyone has today, there is always someone looking around for an outlet that doesn't exist.

While in that area, I made this Facebook update, which had some fun comments posted to it, only a few of which made this screen capture:

Joe and I shared last night's Stromboli for lunch today, and later we got our money's worth out of the free happy hour. This is my bill, alone, and those well drinks would be bourbons and diet (or bourbon and diets), of course.

When I awoke from my two-hour nap after happy hour, Joe was already on his way down to Duval Street and over to Saloon 1, and I walked down after a quick shower and shave. Things got a little wild in that place, when at one point a guy decided that his clothes were just way too cumbersome and just removed them entirely and just walked around the bar that way the rest of the evening.

Joe and I (some together, some separately) talked to a bunch of people over the course of the evening:

  • A guy who owned houses in both Miami and Key West, is five-years away from retirement, and is worried about his financial situation, both between now and then and after he retires.

  • A guy who when he heard we were from Raleigh told me he had a cousin who works for one of the UNC System schools and lives in Winnabow, NC in Brunswick County.

  • A couple (two guys, of course) from New Jersey, one of them originally from Brooklyn

  • The naked man; well, it was more like he talked to us. He said he just loves begin naked and he wished he lived in a nudist community. He also said that he thought everyone in the bar ought to go ahead and take their clothes off. Have another drink, Lucy.

  • Two guys who were partners, and one of whom got me back in the place after I went to the front bar to use their bathroom (instead of the "trough" option in Saloon 1), and then couldn't get back in the back bar because they had started charging a cover.
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