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A foothold, lunch with the gray hairs, two writing affirmations, and a life affirmation...

~Monday~ I picked up the Wolfline #1 Avent Ferry bus, where the shoes of two girls waiting for the bus caught my attention.

Let me be clear that I do not have a foot fetish, but if I did, I certainly would admit it, and if I did, I'm quite sure it wouldn't be for women's feet.

And speaking of feet, I personally, hate having my feet f*cked with in any way, which reminds me of my trip to China in 2008. I was joining a "delegation" of people from around the world and we chatted online the months leading up to the trip, and one of the possibilities of one itinerary item for one of the days, after a long day of walking, was to have a foot massage, and our leader (Remember that, Linda?) was asking what people thought of that idea, to which I gave a big bad thumbs down. :-)

I can only think of very few things that I would enjoy less, a full body massage being one of them. But I digress...

Tiger-striped shoes that look like ballet slippers to me

Brown and gray or light-blue plaid shoes. Evidently, shoelaces are OUT.

For some reason, these shoes got me thinking about how many different kinds of shoes there are out there; how people have very different tastes in shoes; that in countries where people can afford it, most people probably have many pairs of them; how people will always need shoes, and so on.

With shoes still on my mind after boarding the bus, and as if the point need be further made, I snapped these two pair on people sitting across from me:

Turquoise tennis shoes


The arms that were attached to the body from which these feet are dangling was reading Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials, which was about as thick as my large print edition of A Short History of Nearly Everything.

It was a quiet day in the office with only me, Nick, and Vanessa in in the morning, and Jen coming in in the afternoon. Sweet.

I ran to the Cameron Village Library at lunch time, and tried to get a regular print version of my book to travel with on Wednesday, but they didn't have a copy on the shelf.

I had lunch at K&W, baked spaghetti and a shredded salad. It was too hot in the place, and my salt and pepper hair stood out, as a sea of blue permeated the place. I called my sister on my walk back to my office to try and nail down the April 30th weekend schedule for a combination of my dad's 80th birthday and an early Mother's Day dinner out.

One of "my kids" from this year's spring break trip, Miriam, was on the Wolfline #1 Avent Ferry bus that I caught home.

I received three affirmations that I wanted to capture here today:

The first two were about my writing, and the first one was from my friend Ginny, who after reading this blog entry of mine made this comment:

This made me LOL, literally: 'Evidently, time flies when you're not eating a Pei Wei.'

There are three things that are affirming about this:

  1. Ginny is a writer herself, so compliments about writing are extra sweet from her

  2. She's a very busy person, so I'm always surprised, and pleased, to learn that she's read a blog entry

  3. I never really know if some attempt at humor that I've made actually resonates with a reader, so when someone takes a moment to let me know, especially about a very specific thing, it's incredibly rewarding.

Thanks, Ginny!

The other writing-related affirmation was about the "buscapades" scene in this blog entry, and it was from my friend Chad and his wife Suzanne:

@nematome just read your post to Suzanne! We 'literally' LOL'ed. We appreicate your level of sarcasm balanced with logic. #buscapadesrule

I particularly enjoyed the hashtag (#buscapadesrule) that he used! Thanks, Chad and Suzanne!

And the other affirmation was just about my life in general. My friend, Myra, commented on my April 17th coming out anniversary Facebook status that said, "17 years ago today, I started living my authentic life."

That warmed my heart. Thanks, Myra!
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