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Clueless "closet" smokers, 17 authentic years and counting, t-shirt shopping, and book club...

~Sunday~  I was up at about 11:00 and enjoyed this week's PostSecrets over coffee, breakfast, and country gospel on the iPod.

I didn't find any particular secret overly compelling this week, but I suppose this one stands out, because I am always, always, always amazed when someone actually believes they can hide the fact that they smoke. People, you reek of it. Just because you can't smell it, don't think for a minute that othersespecially non-smokerscan't.

I was a closet smoker and quit...It's the sneaking, not the cigarettes, that I miss so much.

17 years ago today, I started living my authentic life.

In early afternoon, I went to Kohl's where I bought four t-shirts that were 2 for $12. I bought two of the exact same kind and two other ones of the exact same kind. I wanted all white ones and they only had two different patterned white ones, so I got two of each. These will replace the t-shirts I talked about back on December 28, 2010.

I also bought two other t-shirts, both of them navy blue, one Hanes and one Kohl's Sonoma brand, also less than $10 each.

From there I stopped nearby at the Panera Bread, where I had one of their cinnamon crunch bagels with honey walnut cream cheese and several cups of coffee over the course of about three hours.

There were some incredibly hot men that passed in and out of there. I mean, if you go for that sort of thing. And I do.

I had dinner at Pei Wei, where I had their Mongolian Beef, which is the same thing I had the last time I ate there, which was also right before book club, which was where I was heading afterwards.

One of the joys of having a blog entry for every day of the last 7 years of your life is that when you think, "Hmmm. When was that when I ate at Pei Wei that first time?"—and you think it was probably six months, or a year at the most—you can look back and see that it was actually on July 26, 2009, a year and nine months ago. Evidently, time flies when you're not eating at Pei Wei.

Mostly Social Book Club met at the Barnes & Noble in Cary, where I officially declared that I hate meeting there. The seating is just too limited there. We agreed, assuming Mary will support the decision, to meet at the Panera Bread at Crossroads (the one I was at earlier) the next time we meet in Raleigh.

Mary didn't attend this evening, as she was affected by Saturday's tornadoes and was staying around her house to connect with her neighbor who was going to let her use some of the electricity from his generator.

We talked a little bit about our current book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, but not completely, since Mary wasn't there and Suzanne hadn't completely finished. Her Kindle, actually Janet's Kindle that she's borrowing to read the book on, indicates that she's 79% complete.

I thought about going downtown after book club, but carried my butt directly home instead. Among other things, I got close to finishing up the update to my "Identity Inventory" document tonight. Just a few things with regards to it to tie up tomorrow. Feels good.
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