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Rewarding behavior you don't want to encourage, an impressive student, and cheap decadence...

~Wednesday~  I was at the city bus stop at 8:18. Shortly after that Exercising Asian Man walked down the entrance to our townhouse, but instead of coming to our stop, he turned left and jogged down to the one further down the street. The bus arrived at 8:24.

Hot Mess Driver was at the helm, but the temperature was fairly comfortable aboard.

At the next stop, Exercising Asian Man was, well, exercising when we approached. He boarded, and following him the lady with those two cute girls who were on yesterday's ride home boarded. The three of them took a seat behind me, and just as soon as they sat down, those two girls were going at it, being just as demanding for attention as ever, and like yesterday, their mother gave them candy to appease them, and then got on her phone.

At the Gorman/Marcom stop, two people boarded who looked like they might be sight-impaired, but the only criteria I used to make that judgment was that they each wore those big glasses of which the black lenses practically wrap around past your ears. They might've just been from Florida.

I had no meetings germane to my job today, but I did participate in an hour-and-a-half of meetings interviewing the final student candidates applying to lead the Alternative Service Break trips next year.

I assessed three different candidates, for 30 minutes each, and the last one was absolutely phenomenal. It is rare indeed to see someone of such a young age so incredibly other-aware, as well as self-aware. Very impressive.

Since I'd taken the city bus in, but had to take the university bus home, I had to walk a little ways back to my house, but it was a beautiful day to do it, and I welcomed the exercise.

Flex was absolutely dead tonight, in terms of bar patrons other than the dancers. I did get some decent exercise in dancing, though.

A lone guy sat and watched us, and figuring he was probably from out of town, I went up to him and introduced myself to him. It turned out that he lives here now, but had spent ten years in Asia, with various stays in Thailand during that time, which was his favorite place.

When I said, "They have a pretty decent gay community there, right?" he replied, "Oh god yes." What he liked best about it, at least in earlier years, it was both decadent and inexpensive.

Thailand. Dirty and cheap. Much like myself.
Tags: affirmations (implicit), alternative service break, bar talk, bus, dancing, exercise, hot mess driver, work

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