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Insurance, banking, and medical piles, oh my! Dinner w/Anna, The King's Speech, & scareyoke...

~Sunday~  I slept in late today, managing to get up just before it turned afternoon.

I worked some more on the "paperwork process," getting through the bank statements pile, the insurance pile, and the medical and dental pile.

I had two file folders for insurance. The first one holds my Nationwide policies, which includes an auto policy, a homeowners policy, and an umbrella policy. I didn't realize how long I've been with Nationwide, but I found statements and policies back from 1994. I kept the ones from that very first year (just to have a record of when I started with them), and I threw out all of the intervening years' paperwork, keeping only those of the policies I just renewed in March.

The other insurance folder had my Long-Term Health Care (LTHC) policy in it, as well as a life insurance policy that I just surrendered in October of 2010. So, I moved the (very little) paperwork associated with the LTHC policy into folder with the Nationwide policies, and I trashed the paperwork associated with that defunct life insurance policy.

I had to smile when I did my medical file, seeing pictures of my 2011 colonoscopy and my 2005 one, as well as before and after pictures of my 2010 knee surgery.

At around 2:00, Anna was in touch to see if I would be up for a late lunch, early dinner, and we agreed on a 5:30 dinner at Mitch's Tavern. I had planned to get their Kielbasa sandwich, but once there, settled on their Large Greek Salad, which I love. I think today was the first time I've ever gone to Mitch's and not had alcohol. I enjoyed an unsweetened tea with my meal.

As always, Anna and I had delightful conversation, a good portion of which was meaningful, which is not unusual when we get to talking.

I parked in the Dan Allen parking deck on campus at about 6:40 and I walked past the "gum wall," of which I had to stop and snap a picture. It's gross, but it's an NC State landmark.

Dried pieces of gum stuck to a wall

Although, I thought this was a pretty unique artifact, evidently there are gum walls all over the world.

I saw the 7:00 showing of The King's Speech at the Campus Cinema. $1.50 for the ticket, a $1.50 for the large bag of popcorn, and hot legs compliments of college men.

I took a seat in the very last row of the theater, which I tend to do when I'm seeing a mainstream movie, mostly because it's not unheard of for me to walk out in the middle of one. The kids who work in this theater really need to learn some etiquette though, as they tend to hang out back there, by the door—which was fairly close to me—and they're often opening and closing their phones to check email and send texts, which is annoying. They also sometimes don't let the door completely close, which lets in light from the hallway.

Although this movie was two hours long, and had your typical Hollywood ending (which is what I hate most about mainstream movies), I stayed for the whole thing, and I actually only checked the time once, and that wasn't because I was bored with the movie, but since I was meeting Joe downtown afterwards, I just wondered what time it was.

Things I enjoyed about this movie (no spoilers):

  1. My favorite scene was at the beginning when the (not yet) king was telling a bedtime story to his two daughters and two beautiful Corgies sat among all of them.

  2. I like how the speech therapist conducted himself professionally.

  3. I like how he conducted himself personally, too, being so playful with his sons.

  4. I liked learning about the different techniques used to combat stammering.

I met Joe at Flex for scareyoke, and after a while Chris joined us.

Joe eventually signed up to sing, but by the time he did there were six to eight people ahead of him, and I couldn't wait that long to hear him. Some of us have to work tomorrow.
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