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An up non sequitur, a creepy backseat theater man, The Virginia Gentlemen, & a late night workout...

~Monday~  I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus, and a guy with nice legs sat to my left doing a crossword puzzle on his iTouch.

At a subsequent stop, a student on crutches got on and an Asian guy gave up one of the handicap seats for him, which reminded me of this sign that's on the bus that reads like a non sequitur to me:



I just don't get the use of "wake up" there. I mean, in the past, have people not given up their seat to the elderly and disabled because they were asleep? I could see "get up," but "wake up," I just don't get in this context.

Two guys got on along fraternity row who didn't look like the stereotypical frat boys, which is to say that they weren't blond and they weren't wearing buttoned down shirts, khaki pants, and Sperry Topsiders.

A girl sitting to my left was doing something I could never do. She was highlighting in a book she was reading, by underlining sentences with a black pen while the bus was moving. You know that line was all over the place, and going back later, you know that black isn't going to stand out.

I ran into my friend Rachel—whom I met on last year's (2010's, not the one I just returned from) ASB trip to do Habitat work in New Orleans— twice today. The first time I ran into her it was right after I had just read, while I was walking across campus, this Facebook posting she'd made on my wall:

Way to be the creepy man in the back of the theater on Sunday, and why do parents take younger children to movies they're too young to be interested in and are rated R?

I ran into her again on the bus on the way home. I asked her how her ASB Team Leader intereview went, which she was on her way to when I ran into her on campus. It was also where I was coming from, having participated in rating one of the other interviewees. These are kids applying to be team leaders on next year's trips.

I came across this video today when reading updates on the year-old murder of Yeardley Love, whose accused murder's trail starts tomorrow. It's a song by the UVA men's a cappella group, The Virginia Gentlemen, and I love, love, love it.

I went to the gym late tonight, arriving there at 9:35. After 225 (15 sets of 15) ab crunches, I did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine.

Afterwards, I stopped at the grocery store next door, where I bought two 12-packs of Diet Coke and a package of hot dog buns. You know you wanted to know.
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