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Facebooking on the bus, one out of three meetings agree, and a bad connection @ Helios...

~Friday~  I parked on Gorman and caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus in.

After taking my seat in the back, I looked around and saw someone that I thought was my friend Jackie, but I couldn't be absolutely sure, as her face was turned toward the front of the bus, and she was behind some Plexiglases that wasn't crystal clear. I was pretty sure it was her, although I was surprised I didn't notice her walking past her, plus she was "out of context" there. I know she doesn't live in that area.

So once I noticed her, and seeing that she was on her smartphone, I posted these two Facebook status updates, since we're friends on there:

@JackieJazwa Is that you over there?

@JackieJazwa To your left.

Of course from where I was sitting I couldn't be sure she was on the Facebook app on her phone, and when after a few minutes, she didn't seem to get the message, thinking she might have notification on for messages on Facebook, I sent a message that said, "Boo!"

A minute or so after sending that she smiled and looked over. Fun with technology!

I had three meetings scheduled today, but only ended up attending one of them.

The one I attended is one that has been going on for probably a year now, and one I've been avoiding the entire time. As expected, it was tedious beyond measure for an hour-and-a-half. It's a very technical meeting, which doesn't engage me for the most part—more so because I'm not interested than that I don't understand. I don't want to understand, and for the most part, I don't need to understand things at that level to do my job.

The second meeting was an NCSU Web Developers Meet-up, one of which is held each month and usually has an educational element to it. This month's presentation was on HTML5 Video, which I thought, again, would be technical programming-type education that I wouldn't be able to use in my work, so I blew it off.

My final meeting of the day was in the Talley Student Center across campus from 4:00 - 4:30, and I was to participate as an observer and assessor in interviewing a student who applied to be a leader on one of next year's Alternative Service Break trips.

I arrived early, at about 3:40, and the door to the room was closed, and since they'd be interviewing all day long, I just assumed that the previous interview was still going on.

While I was waiting, Tierza came by, who's my wonderful friend with whom I was a co-advisor on the 2010 Gulf Coast Habitat trip to Thibodaux , LA. We caught up a little and then I remembered that I needed to drop by the CSLEPS office—one floor down—to sign the receipt submission form from this year's trip expenditures and turn in the university's credit card that I still had.

I got back upstairs at 4:00, and when the door didn't open by 4:00, I looked in the peephole to find the room empty!

I went back downstairs to the CSLEPS office where I found out that the person interviewing at 4:00 had had a family situation come up that they had to attend to, and evidently Adam forgot to tell me that they'd be rescheduling the interview.

Once again, I had good intentions of going to see The King's Speech, but once again, a nap won out. Are you starting to get the feeling that I'm not overly committed to seeing this movie? I'll try again for Sunday night.

I got up at 8:00, and with every intention of going out afterwards, I went to Helios, where I spent a couple of hours online, mostly working on catching up my blog. I really hate how it's been lagging again lately.

At about 10:15, the free wi-fi connection started acting up and by 11:00, I gotten so frustrated with it dropping and reconnecting (for the most part) every few minutes, that I packed up. But instead of going to The Borough or Legends, which is what I had envisioned, I went home.

I stopped at the grocery store near my house and bought eggs, bagels, honey walnut cream cheese, and a bag of lunch-sized bags of baked chips and pretzels, because they were on sale.
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