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Beret-matching headphones, a heart-to-heart work talk, and a nap that lingered...

~Thursday~  I was running late this morning, and when I pulled up to the parking area on Gorman, the #9 Greek Village was at the stop, and the #9a GV Tripper to DH Hill passed it by. I crossed the street and hopped on the #9, and we only stopped at one other stop along the way to pick up anybody, as evidently, the 9a in front of us had scooped them all up.

A Middle Eastern lady and a Hispanic lady sat across from me, and the Hispanic one had a laptop bag with and IBM logo on it and alluded to an Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers conference she had attended in Chicago one year.

A guy sat across and to the left of me, and he had "an outfit" going on, from his argyle sweater to his headphones that matched colors in the soft beret he was wearing:

Man with headphones that matched one of the colors in his beret

I rode with my boss's boss to a meeting in another building, which he thought started at 10:15, but didn't actually start until 10:45, which turned out to fortuitously give us 30 "found" minutes to talk.

We had another of those heart-to-heart talks, like the one I had with my boss on Tuesday, and it was good to be able to air my recent frustrations, as well as to hear how much he values my professional contribution there, and how much both he, and many people that have talked to him not just recently, but in general, like me as a person, as well as a colleague, and really want me to stay there.

There still are some major issues with our organization overall, but for now, I'm going to stop complaining about the environment and move on.

All day, I had intended to go to the 9:30 showing of The King's Speech at the Campus Cinema from 9:30-11:30, and then go on to Trailer Park Prize Night for the 12:30 show.

I had also intended to take a nap before going to the movie. The part that didn't work out was getting up at 9:00 to head to campus. Oh well. I purposely put the three showings of the movie on my calendar for this very reason. I'll aim for the 7:00 showing tomorrow night.
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