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Body temperature differences, a heart-to-heart work talk, and Jen's birthday...

~Tuesday~  I parked on Gorman, and as I was parking, the #9 Greek Village bus was pulling away. I literally ran down to and across Avent Ferry Road and onto the #1 Avent Ferry bus.

There was no air circulating on the bus, and needless to say I immediately started slightly perspiring after running like I did. As if just to make me even hotter, the girl sitting to my right wore a ski-type jacket completely zipped up and with its fur-lined hood pulled over her head the entire way. How could she not be hot?

A guy sitting across from me was reading, presumably a homework assignment, out of his Intermediate Accounting book.

Our fun intern, Vanessa, brought in some killer cupcakes for my colleague and friend Jen's birthday. Here's a picture of one of them:

A Pacman cupcake, or is that Ms. Pacman to you?

She had another set that had a Rolo candy embedded in the frosting. Killer! Thanks, Vanessa!

I had my weekly status meeting with my boss, and at the end of discussing our respective work project/task statuses, she asked me about my morale, telling me that her boss, Stan, had mentioned my Friday blog entry and wanted her to check in with me.

Later in the day, after a meeting with Stan, she came into my office and started a conversation with, "John, I'd like to know what we can do to keep you here." This lead to a very heart-to-heart conversation that I felt very, very good after, and she noted that Stan would be talking to me, too, some time this week.

At 7:30 at Player's Retreat, I met some of the last "kids" I'll know going through the master's program that I graduated from in 2007 for somewhat of a celebration in that they're coming down the home stretch of presenting on their capstone projects, which is done instead of writing a thesis for that program.

In attendance, in addition to myself, was Gary, Sarah McKone, Jen, Desiree, Neal, and toward the end Sarah's boyfriend, Matt, joined us.

Additionally, we celebrated Jen's birthday, a spring chicken at the ripe young age of 32. Happy Birthday, again, my friend!

I had their most delicious Hawaiian Burger:

Hawaiian Burger w/grilled pineapple, grilled jalapenos, Swiss and bacon 

I thought about going downtown from there, but I ended up just going home.
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