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Meat, sir? (Dinner@K&W), Julie Budd & Marvin Hamlisch with the NC Symphony, & a crossword...

~Saturday~  I was up at a decent hour this morning, since I was to bed at a decent one.

Robert arrived at 6:00 and we went over to K&W Cafeteria in Cameron Village for a quick dinner. I had some most delicious ham and cheese casserole, with a side of cooked mushrooms, and a shredded salad. It was all good.

Then it was on to the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts for the second time in as many days. Tonight's concert was again with the North Carolina Symphony, but instead of with Idina Menzel, it was with Julie Budd singing, and Marvin Hamlisch conducting the orchestra, and at times playing the piano.

I had never heard of Julie Budd before this concert, so she wasn't the draw for me, which turned out to be a good thing. I hear that she was a "child star," which this article alludes to, "Ex-child star Julie Budd going strong at 53; sings in Auburn." That was in April of 2010. I guess a lot has happened in the last year. She is 54 now.

With that said, I did enjoy these aspects of the concert:

  1. Watching Marvin Hamlisch conduct, but particularly watching him play the piano

  2. Hearing his "back stories" about working with Barbra

  3. Learning that some songs from Funny Girl that were in the play were not in the movie and vice-versa

  4. Learning that there was a big debate as to whether one of the songs would "work" in the moive and it almost wasn't included: My Man

  5. Experiencing a drag queen singing with the NC Symphony and in front of what may have been somewhat of a conservative audience

  6. Sitting in a box seat for the first time in Maymandi Hall

Robert and I did an Indy crossword puzzle, which we haven't done in a long, long time. I'd missed that.
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