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A mental health day, a new workout, a "too soon" April Fool's joke, & hanging out at the library...

~Friday~  I took a mental health day off work today and gloriously slept in until almost noon.

I carried my ass to the gym (How Southern!) at 1:00, where I did 200 ab crunches and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, changing from my long-time exercise option of "Hill" to the one that said, "Cardio."

The biggest difference was that instead of vacillating between a resistance of 20 and 30, it vacillated between 30 and 50. Overall, though, the calorie burn was about the same, so I'm not sure what to think about that.

It was good to be done with my workout by 2:00 on a Friday, I'll say that.

I did a quick check of my work e-mail, mid-afternoon, and was glad to see nothing pressing. There was an affirming note from Sarah, and then later in the day, one from my boss's boss, Stan, about them having missed me today.

I know that social media is alive and doing well in that word has gotten back to some of the management team about "where I am" in terms of my job there, and that's all fine and dandy, because when I first expressed my unhappiness several months ago, my promise was that I wouldn't walk in there one day and just give my two week's notice, but that they would know what was going on with me all along.

I'll probably attempt to state it more explicitly next week, but seeing from where different people are accessing my blog, I'm pretty sure the people who have a "need to know," know.

There was one interesting e-mail in my inbox from one of our leaders in the organization, which was an April Fool's joke. And as is my practice to not discuss work things in detail here, I'll just say that there were 6 or 7 responses to it (out of a potential ~275), which seemed to indicate an appreciation for it.

I can sum up my take on it in two words: "Too soon."

At 6:00, I went over to the university library, which I chose over a coffee shop, mostly because I didn't feel like "smelling like a coffee shop," after being at one for several hours, which I've found to be the case after being at both Helios and Mission Joe's for long periods of time.

It was windy on the walk through The Brickyard to the entrance to the library, and at the foot of the entrance, an older gentleman was building (god knows why) a tower out of empty plastic juice bottles, and each time he put another one on the top, the wind blew it over and it made its way down the side of the structure making that kerplunk sound like in the game Plinko on The Price is Right.

What It Looked Like As I Was Entering
Plastic juice bottle tower at foot of stairs

I spent four hours in the library, during which time I bought a cup of coffee at the odorless Hill of Beans Coffee Shop at the library entrance, caught up a few entries of my blog, bought an Idina Menzel CD from iTunes, and played some Scrabble on Facebook.

For a good hour-and-a-half, an exceptionally handsome guy—sitting on a nearby couch—distracted the hell out of me. His girlfriend, who wasn't overly pretty, but I'm sure had a great personality, clung to him so much so that, personally, I'd describe it as suffocating him. Besides, she kept blocking my view of him.

I was listening to music on my laptop iTunes, with my earbuds in, when at 10:02, someone tapped me on the back.

"It's time to go," a worker said to me when I took out my earbuds. I thought the place closed at midnight.

Outside, and at the bottom of the steps, the man was gone but the his work remained intact.

The Tower

Bottles Up Close

Up until the time I got into my car, I was heading downtown to have a drink at The Borough, and considering the drag show at Legends at midnight after that.

However, once I pulled out of my parking spot, I headed home and stayed in.

I chatted with Robert on instant message, made some Scrabble moves in several games I'm in the midst of, and I responded to Jen's meme.
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