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Pivotal life event drawings, job shopping, homeowner association crickets, and first followers...

~Tuesday~  I was up early this morning, and I was ready about 15 minutes too early to go down to the city bus stop, so I worked on an agenda item from our last salon that I didn't do, due to thinking our meeting was on Monday instead of Sunday.

The agenda item involves identifying pivotal moments in your life and making a little drawing that represents them to share with the great. I made decent progress on the exercise, especially since it's kind of "heavy" task to be working on at 8AM for someone who is not at all a "morning person."

As I walked down the entrance to my townhouses, three men—two Hispanic and one white guy—were just finishing up repairing that retaining wall.

It was a dreary—cold and damp—morning, which led me to check the current temperature and the forecast for the rest of the week on my phone weather app.

The bus came at 8:22 and at the Gorman/Conifer stop, a plus-sized girl boarded on her cell phone, deposited her fare under the sign that says, "No cell phones while boarding," and a snippet of her conversation wafted by me as she took a seat in the back, "Girl, you gotta tell 'im to stop. He know what no mean."

I had my weekly staff meeting with my boss, at which I'd plan to give her notice that I'm going to start applying for other jobs, but it ended up not feeling like the right time to do it. Maybe next Tuesday.

Obviously, since I'm putting it here, I don't consider it any big secret.

I had a good meeting with Sarah today, during which we looked over my initial stab at a communications plan for the employee migration to Google Apps project. Always a pleasure working with Sarah.

All the way home, I was dreading going to my homeowners association annual meeting tonight, which I would have had no problem skipping if I'd've gotten my proxy vote form in in time for someone to exercise my vote.

In the end, though, I asked myself, "What is the worst thing that could happen if I miss this meeting?" and all I heard were crickets.

I've been meaning to capture this video shown at the recent TEDxNCSU event at NC State. It's so short and such a powerful lesson in life, that one would be remiss in not checking it out.

The videos of each of the sessions are now available. If I had to recommend the two most interesting (to me, as I like behavioral economics), I'd recommend:

  1. Dr. Dan Ariely - Self Control - The Problem and How to Get Over It (20:38)

  2. Dr. Stacy Wood - Buying Happiness (18:29)
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