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~Wednesday~  I parked at the Avent Ferry Food Lion Park & Ride @ 7:30 and caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus.

The young man who boarded in front of me sported a high-and-tight and wore a yellow T-shirt that highlighted his biceps, outlined his pecs, and showed only a little bit of paunch—presumably obtained at perhaps one too many frat parties.

His faded (almost to white) blue jeans hung around his waist—in the back starting about two inches below his light blue jockey shorts on a well-rounded derriere. Other than that, I didn't notice a thing about him.

A sister, and by that I mean a gay guy, took a seat across from me, and he crossed his left leg over and around his right one so far that it hurt my junk.

I met with Nick and Sarah this morning to talk about a redesign of and beginning to identify information to organize and make available that is currently scattered throughout a wiki.

I also spent more time than it should possibly take trying to set up rules in GroupWise that will automatically forward GroupWise appointments to my Google Apps account and put them on my calendar there. Technology schmechnology.

At 4:50, my Google calendar alerted me of a 5:00 appointment that I had with my financial advisor in North Raleigh. Needless to say, I'd forgotten all about it. I even came into the office early to leave early and had parked strategically to allow a quick bus commute back to my car to get me to North Raleigh on time.

I called Nathan and rescheduled it for tomorrow and then hung out at the office a little while longer.

When I got home from work, I had U.S. mail from my power company letting me know that on March 22, yesterday, they'll be in my neighborhood doing some kind of maintenance work that may cause my power to go out sometime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

It went on to say how they know that any time your power goes off it's an inconvenience, and that they regret it. Nowhere did they attempt to quantify the inconvenience and regret of receiving a letter talking about a tomorrow that was actually yesterday. But I digress...

This man was arrested for drug possession. I wonder what tipped them off.

Mug shot of a man with the reddest eyes in history

I met my friend, Andrew Speakes, who I know from my IBM days, and who is in Raleigh—from Tuscon—for training this week. We met at Flex and then walked over to The Borough for dinner. I got that most delicious Potato Corn Jalapeño Chowder that I had the last time I ate there, along with a side salad.

Andrew (left), and his husband, Ken
Andrew (left), and his partner, Ken

It was great to see Andrew, and I enjoyed catching up over dinner and a few cocktails.

We said our goodbyes at Flex, where he headed back to his hotel in Durham, and I went into the hole for line-dancing night. In a most rare event, first time ever if I'm not mistaken, the boys had completely finished the Indy crossword puzzle before dancing even started! Yay, them.

I reminded everyone that Geromy will be in town next Wednesday, and everyone reminded everyone else that the Southern Country Charlotte boys will be in town this Saturday, for which Flex will have a special country night.



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