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Laptop lunch bag, gone wild sorority girls, a selective trash reprimand, and a finished book...

~Monday~  I left my house with my laptop bag so stuffed I couldn't zip it up. It was mostly filled with food.

I caught the Wolfline #9 GV Tripper to DH Hill. At the Gorman and Conifer stop, several people ran to the bus, including Logorrhea, who's loud enough on the city bus, but on the subdued morning university buses, is beyond loud. Needless to say, we'll be hearing from her a little later.

Somebody sitting around me had marinated in some vanilla-scented perfume. If I were making a cake that called for vanilla extract, I could've dumped her right in.

At one of the stops in Greek Village, four sorority sisters got on who looked a little rough this morning, as if perhaps, they'd had a "Gone Wild" weekend. One of them took a seat with me, and one of the others behind her and on the other side of the aisle said to her, "Ashley! You start studying for that test yet?"

"Yes. It's gonna be hard," Ashley said not turning around to look back at the voice.

Another one of them took the aisle seat in front of me, and from my window seat behind her, I could see her BlackBerry display. Her power was at 50%, and it was only 8:30 in the morning.

Not unexpectedly, after a cell phone ringing, a cavernously loud voice (Guess whose!) came from the back, "HELLO. WHAT? I THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA CATCH THE CAT BUS TO WORK. NO, I'M ON THE WOLFLINE. I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS GONNA GET SOMEBODY TO DRIVE HER IN. I THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA CATCH THE CAT BUS IN."

The person who empties the trash in our building pointed out to me this morning that she does not take bottles and cans in our recycle bins, only paper products. Somehow, a plastic water bottle was in my bin, which wasn't mine, but I took the scolding for it like a trooper, and promised not to break the rules again in the future.

I took a brief walk around the block this morning just to get out of the office for a few minutes to avoid something I wasn't in the mood for. While walking, I saw two sour gummi worms on the sidewalk, far enough apart to be surprised when I saw the second one, and the second one of which made me think, "What if all the real worms are turning into candy?"

A little further along, I heard a rustling in the leaves under some bushes, and I thought of my "serpent" tea leaves reading, but it turned out not to be an asp, but just a bird pecking through the leaves for some grub.

And further yet into my walk, I got behind someone who was smoking, and in an effort not to smoke with him, I just stopped and waited until he got far enough ahead of me that I wasn't in his wake. Nasty habit.

I checked in with Thompson Collision Repair today to see how my car is coming along, which was estimated to be ready tomorrow or Wednesday. An update put it at Friday, the earliest.

I started on an editing task this afternoon that I'd been putting off, because I didn't think it would be interesting or fun. But it turned out to be both of those, so I left work in a good mood.

All day long, whenever I sat up, or coughed, my abs hurt, reminding me of my prodigal trip to the gym yesterday. And I had every intention of going to the gym tonight, but it didn't happen.

After cooking dinner—boiled chicken, white rice, and green beans—I fried three turkey burgers, which had been marinating, not in vanilla, but in soy-ginger-sesame vinaigrette dressing for a day. I'll have those as sandwiches for lunch during the rest of this week.

Then, at around 8:00, I made the mistake of lying down "for a few minutes" before going to the gym.

I woke up at 10:00 and finished reading The First Five Pages before falling back asleep.
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