DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Dinner and dancing...

We had book club lunch today -- just me, Suzanne, and Mary. Sharon was getting a haircut, and Janet had a gazillion things to do before leaving for London, where she has yet made sleeping arrangements. Oh yeah, she's flying back on the Concorde.

We (Courtney and I) met Mary Lou, Jay Chaffin, and his friend James for dinner at Warjari. It was such a fun dinner. Mary Lou told some wild, bawdy stories. James talked about a couple of interesting stories he's worked on. He's a reporter for ABC 11 News. We also talked about possibly doing Gay Ski Week '04 together as a group.

I love how Jay always kisses me right on the lips when we meet out like that. He did the same thing last year. (In fact, we sat at the exact same table we did last year, there, for Courtney's birthday.) He is so unconcerned about what other people might think. I really like that.

I left there at about 8:45 and went dancing at Flex. Great to be back dancing, and some nice hugs and congrats from the guys on my ride. Robert arrived close to 10:00. I was glad to see him.

Dancing was fun, fun, fun, as usual.

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