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Back to the buscapades, and a collection of affirmations from my 2011 ASB Gulf Coast trip...

~Monday~  I was at the city bus stop at 7:45, and the bus arrived at 7:53. There was a new driver today, an older lady, who said hello in response to my good morning.

Just as the doors were closing Exercising Asian Man ran up to the door and boarded. He took the seat in front of me, which of course means that I looked over his shoulder to see what was on the paper he kept holding up, looking at, and then putting back down, as if trying to memorize the information on it, which was something to the effect of:

Standards of practice handbook

  1. Code of ethics

    • Integrity, competence...

  2. Standards of professional conduct

The bus had just passed the stop at Marcom and Gorman and was stopped at the traffic light there, when a man came limping across the street and stood by the door. She hesitated before opening it and then said to him, "I'm gonna get you this time, but I'm not supposed to stop between stops, okay?"

Four of the six men on board this morning wore headwear of some sort: one had his hood pulled up over his head, another had a white beret on turned backwards, and two guys had on knit ski-type hats.

I spent my entire work day editing, which is normally work that I enjoy, but I was editing part of a transcript of a 2.5-hour meeting, and the biggest part of the edit involved turning "speech" into complete sentences of complete thought. Challenging and tedious.

I tripped getting onto the 5:00 bus going home and Poopie Bus Driver surprised me by asking me three times if I was okay.

By far my most favorite part of being an advisor on the Alternative Spring Break trips is the affirmations that come about over the course of the week.

Watercolor print of Cafe du Monde in the New Orleans French Quarter

Tonight I'm going to capture what the students wrote on the back of a watercolor print of the Cafe Du Monde that they gave me at the end of the week:


When I needed you... YOU were there! THANK YOU FOR everything. We should dance soon! :-)



Thanks so much for driving this week and for all the work you put into this trip. The blog is outstanding!



Thank you for being so positive and accommodating this week. I have really enjoyed talking to you and getting to know you this week. Thanks for being a great advisor.



It was great having you on the trip! Hearing you sing along to the radio at the worksite made my day!



Thanks for driving us everywhere this week and for doing such a great job with the blog!



Thanks for everything this week! It was great working with you!

Erica :-)


I'm so appreciative you were on this trip. Your support and comfort meant everything to me, and thank you for reaching out and speaking up. Best of luck in the future, I hope to see you around!



Thank you for all the patience you had throughout this trip. You really opened my eyes to new things to allow me to grow as a better person.



The trip wouldn't have been the same without you. Thanks for driving.



Thanks for everything! I appreciate your little jokes, and you driving the van and putting up with our loud noise.

Miriam <3


You were awesome this trip! I'm so thankful you were with us and for driving. You were such an encouragement. Thanks!



You were awesome. Thanks for helping to keep this trip on track and great.



Thanks for everything this week! The blog is by far the best of them all.

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