DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Homeward bound...

We got up at around 9:00 with construction being done to the hotel. I had a great night's sleep, though. We packed up and checked out at about 11:00. We walked down to a bakery I knew of on the way to the subway stop. We walked by it, and checked out some of the other places in the area.

Robert had to use the restroom, went into a building, didn't see one, went into the elevator, pressed 2, the doors opened, and there were locked restrooms right across from the elevators. The men's room had a key stuck in the lock. He related that he used his psychic powers to find a restroom.

We ended up having some bread and coffee at the bakery. My bread was delicious. It tasted like Portuguese massah to me.

We left Washington right around noon, stopped for lunch at a Burger King, and got home around 5:00. It was good to be home.

Later we ran out to Sam's to turn in my film, and ended up eating out, with a coupon that was in my mail when I returned from Washington, at Bob Evans, at Crossroads. I had a killer burger.

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