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Bad bus breath, tinny Eminem & Rihanna, lost in the library, and catching up on Glee...

~Thursday~  I drove over to Gorman and Avent Ferry and caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus at 8:03.

Someone sitting next to me had the worst breath ever. They couldn't possibly have brushed their teeth before they left home this morning.

"Officer Thomas" stood next to me—an ROTC guy in his camouflage outfit with a name patch sewed on his shirt. He was not as hot as I wanted him to be.

Somebody's earspray leaked a tinny version of:

I did some more deleting of followers on Twitter during the ride in. I started off following about 750 people, and I'm slowly deleting everyone I'm following who is a technical communicator of some sort, or a social media "guru" or marketer or reporter of some kind. I want to go back to pretty much just following friends on there.

I had three work meetings today and ended up blowing off two of them. I was a tad bit late for the one I made, as I went to the wrong wing of the library looking for the conference room. Instead of having the room number, the meeting invitation said, "2nd Floor Conference Room." I wasn't the only one in the wrong wing looking for it.

I hate that I missed the second meeting, which was really a lecture, and it was Juan Williams, the news analyst fired by NPR back in October of 2010 for his "anti-Muslim remarks," blaming them for the September 11, 2001 attacks. I love seeing celebrities, but I just had too much to get done today, with the end of the week quickly approaching and my being out of the office all next week.

I had planned to go out to Trailer Park Prize Night tonight, but it didn't happen.

I watched the Blame it on the Alcohol episode of Glee, which I thought was just "okay." It did give me a couple of laugh out loud moments, both of which were Kurt comments, of course.

I thought I was two episodes behind, but evidently there was no show on March 1st. Area man doesn't understand television sometimes.
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