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Killing time in the morning, bringing Lacks back, and two-stepping with Ian...

~Wednesday~  I was ready to leave for work at 7:55, but I really didn't want to drive my car to the Wolfline stop, so I killed time by making moves in the four online Scrabble games I'm in the midst of, before heading to the bus stop at 8:16.

I waited on the sunny side of the street, until the bus arrived at 8:22. Hot Mess Driver was at the helm, but the temperature was surprisingly comfortable on the bus.

The foundations have been poured for the new Bristol Creek Apartments coming to the corner of Gorman Street and Burt Street.

On the bus, I got an instant message from someone at work, and I went to see them as soon as I got in.

I had a meetingless work day today. Amen to that.

On the way downtown, I stopped at the Cameron Village library to happily return The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ahead of schedule.

Line-dancing was a lot of fun tonight, in spite of the Indy crossword puzzle being misprinted for the second time in about as many months. They had last week's puzzle printed again, along with the "Answer to Last Week's Puzzle," which is usually on a different page, right next to it. So, you could just look to the left and copy those answers into this week's puzzle. Some editor is sleeping on the job.

After doing no two-stepping last week, I got a lot in tonight, in addition to the many, many line dances we did, of course. I had to dig deep into the memory banks for two dances we haven't done in a while—The Funky Cowboy—and the dance we do to MMMBop, which I thought was by Janet Jackson. A quick Google of that though brings up a song by Hanson, and that's not the song we do the dance to. Oh well.

There was a couple there, a guy and a girl, neither of whom anyone knew, and I said to the guy, "Oh, boots and a big buckle, are you a dancer?" He said he'd done some dancing, but it had been a while. Their names were Ian and Natalie, and it wasn't at all clear if they were a couple or if he was even straight.

I asked them if they were from out of town and they said, "Well, Chapel Hill."

I followed up with, "And what brought you out here tonight?" to which Ian replied, "We Googled line-dancing and this place came up."

He did the Tush Push with us to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. I watched his hips during these four beats in the song where you can rotate them, swivel them, or throw your back out if you want to, and his didn't move too smoothly, and so I stereotypically labeled him straight. Not there's anything wrong with being straight.

Earlier in the evening I'd asked him if he two-stepped and he'd said yes—as a lead. Later in the evening I asked him, "Do you two-step with men?"

"Sure," he said, and I asked Van to play Long Black Train, because I wanted to dance to a slower song with him in case he was a little rusty at two-stepping. When it came time to dance, he said, "Actually, I'm going to let you lead, and try following." He was just a tad bit clunky at first, but then caught on pretty well. Gay. Bottom. Just kidding.

Bob was there, and he sat with Natalie while we danced. Afterward, I said to him, "So, what'd you find out? Are they a couple?"

Bob responded with a smile, "She said he was her 'buddy.'"

It was a fun night of dancing, and before leaving I let everyone know that I wouldn't be there next week, but it seemed like they were going to possibly go on without me.
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