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~Sunday~ This secret from today's collection at PostSecret reminded me that I've had a conversation about this with many a gay friend. I, personally, have no concerns at all about anything of mine found after I die.

I keep thinking about what my family will have to do with my dad's porn collection after he dies. It embarrasses me.

These "write-in e-mails" were included after that postcard:

I cleaned out my ex-husband's apartment when he died suddenly, even though we had been long divorced, so his elderly parents wouldn't have to find all his porn and sex toys.

I just messaged my best mate & told him to clear out our porn collection if I die.

After my older sister died of cancer last year I went through her computer and deleted everything questionable out of her document files so my parents wouldn't find it.

I went into my office today for a few hours, and spent a good deal of that time taking my Gmail inbox to zero, which involved a lot of label creation.

We moved this month's salon meeting to Sunday night from Monday night to accommodate Anna's schedule, and here's this month agenda with my responses included:

Salon XIX
February 27, 2011
Sunday (non-standard)
6:30 PM, Anna’s Home

  1. The potential absolute rhetorical genius of the Phelps family. (of godhatesfags.com infamy). [John]
    • Read the Elizabeth Edwards press release
    • Consider the fact that they are not at all religious, but purely a hate group
    • The group taking up the battle cry against Westboro Baptist Church is none other than Anonymous, which for those who are not familiar with it is a loose knit; yet formidable, group of hactivists who have taken down more than their fair share of notable companies on the web.

  2. The Naked Granny Chronicles [Sarah]

  3. Thoughts on this article: Cameras in the classroom: Should we film teachers at work? I'm interested in everyone's opinion on this, because I thought I could guess everyone's opinion on that last teaching-related one about the cheating, and I was totally wrong. :-) [John]

  4. Do you delete dead relatives and friends from your contact lists? [John]

    • I have 3 voice mail messages from my dead aunt on my phone.
    • One excited about some photos I had made for her and my uncle for Christmas, one telling me that my uncle died, and another one about some more photos I sent her.

  5. Genitalia euphemisms [John/Anna/Sarah]

    • I like “down there."
    • I also like “junk” for some reason.

  6. Tax preparation strategies and processes [John/Anna]
    • I used Turbo Tax forever.
    • Last year I switched the H&R Block, influenced by, of all people, Dr. Dicks.
    • I can’t remember the last time I only did my taxes: I did Jeanie-baby’s for years, and I used to Rob’s and now I do Robert’s.
    • I will never file electronically until it’s completely free.

  7. Tattoos (Do you have/want one? Where? When?) [John/Anna]

  8. A Facebook page as a 675 project [Anna]

  9. Teacher's Lazy Student Blog [Sarah]

    • “I might think this, but I'd never put it on Facebook. Teacher no- no numero UNO!” ~Dr. Vivian Covington, Director of the Office of Teacher Education, East Carolina University and my sister~

  10. What's the biggest faux pas you've ever made with regards to someone's age or weight?
    • I once told a guy who had salt and pepper hair (and was totally-fine looking, which didn’t hurt) that he was my role model in terms of how I’d like to look when I was his age.
    • He was three years younger than me.

  11. Award Whores [Kim]

I met Joe down at Flex for scareyoke, but I didn't get there until just after 11:00 and left at midnight.

My reading is coming along nicely, definitely on track to finish by Thursday evening:

257 pages (78%) read, 71 pages (22%) to read


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Mar. 1st, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised you don't file electronically. Whether or not it's free, you get your refund much quicker. I already have my state refund and expect my federal refund in a matter of days. Plus, I like having my refund, with all supporting documentation, as a PDF. I have a copier paper box full of stuff to shred and I'm working my through it, slowly. Paper tax returns from 1985? Really? Must go now.

As far as euphemisms go, as soon as I heard J.T. Roberson (a/k/a Varla Jean Merman) say "Hide the candy!" on Project Runway, I decided that is my euphemism of choice from that point forward.

Anything questionable on your computer should be stored in a TrueCrypt archive. If someone does not know the password, they can delete the archive, and it's gone forever.
Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:27 am (UTC)

My instant gratification needs are not very strong at all. I'm willing to wait on most things: 'til a movie comes to the $1.50 theater, 'til the latest gadget drops in price by half, and I don't buy new cars at all any more. I'm happy to wait until one becomes "last year's model" with an instant $10,000 dropped from the price (which is exactly how I got my first Camry). To that end, I'm happy to receive my refund whenever it arrives. It usually just goes into my savings account anyway. :-)

I first heard "Hiding My Candy," after reading the book Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil and finding out that the drag queen character, Lady Chablis, had written a book: Hiding My Candy.

Interesting info about TrueCrypt, but as I mentioned, I don't care what people find on my computers after I die. My life is an open book. :-)

Thanks for reading and commenting, Dan!
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