DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Working remotely, teeth so clean I could eat off them, and meeting a pole dancing instructor...

~Friday~  I was grateful to be able to work from home today.

I rode over to the Avent Ferry Technology Center, across from the Mission Valley Shopping Center for an Office of Information Technology University Awards for Excellence meeting from 10:00-11:00. I continue to feel professionally affirmed with this group, which of course makes the meetings easier to attend.

I had a dentist appointment at noon, and for the first time in a couple of appointments, which means about a year since I get a cleaning every six months, I was back with my favorite hygienist, Lee Ann.

We had interesting conversation, which was not as easy as it sounds since I had probes, mirrors, and floss in my mouth most of the time. We covered these three topics:

  1. Having no TV

  2. 3.8 million married couples not living together (I actually remembered, and told her, 2.8 million, but a search of the article shows it's actually 3.8 million.)

  3. Getting cremated and my last wishes

Toward the end of my appointment, someone in their office brought in donuts to share. Lee Ann asked me what kind I liked, and she wrapped up a plain glaze one for me, which was incredibly delicious.

I had to laugh leaving the dentist's office with a sugary sweet, however. It reminded me of my gym, Planet Fitness, with their free pizza on the first Mondays of the month and free bagels on the first Tuesday of the month. There's something both inherently wrong with it, and inherently brilliant in it at the same time.

I converted the rest of my day from "working from home" to "working remotely" by working from Helios coffee shop downtown.

Early evening, I set up a group on goodreads.com for our Mostly Social Book Club. I'd like to start keeping our schedule and notes there instead of on my website.

I went to the gym tonight, where I once again did the stationary bike for 60 minutes while reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I also read more of it when I got home.

I went to The Borough for a little while, and hung out with Phil, Joe, and their friend Howard.

Sitting to my left at the bar, I met Ed and Angela, a married couple who live in Fuquay-Varina and who had two young children at home with the babysitter, which I only knew because when we were talking the babysitter called them, and they left shortly thereafter.

She works downtown, teaching pole dancing of all things, and they had driven by The Borough so many times and noted how festive it was, but this was their first time in. She absolutely loved all the gay men in there. And all the gay men in there absolutely loved her hunky husband.

I dropped into Legends to check out the 1:00 show, but I didn't stay through it. It's nice being able to get in there free, and just leave without worrying about "getting my money's worth."
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