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A seat change, Isaiah on the Kindle, a LaToyaless house, & the African Diaspora Film Festival...

~Wednesday~  I caught the Wolfline #1 Avent Ferry bus, to which I ran from my parking spot to catch. Although it was only the second stop, all of the seats were already taken and there were already students standing in the aisle. That's just crazy.

I had a glorious work day of no meetings.

I again caught the Wolfline #1 bus home, and for the first time since I've been riding the bus in almost 2.5 years now, I had to change seats due to the body odor of a student sitting next to me.

In my new seat, the student to my right was using a Kindle and you know I checked out what he was reading: The Holy Bible English Standard Version. I can see at that website, that if I were really into it, I could have daily tweets sent to me of quotes from said book. With my luck, I'd get these sent to me. But I digress...

Where was I? Oh yeah. Snooping on the guy next to me. He was at Isaiah 19:16: Egypt, Assyria, Israel Blessed. He was on that page long enough to conclude that either: 1) he was a very slow reader, or 2) he was really praying about what he was reading.

I got a haircut tonight even though my hair wasn't that long, but I want to be able to get it cut again before I go on my spring break trip on March 5th, and it would be way too long if I just waited until then.

LaToya was not in the house tonight, but my next favorite stylist in the place cut my hair, so I was pleased about that. In retrospect, I should have let her have a go at my eyebrows. Certainly couldn't have butchered them more than Miss Jackson does.

I attended the final day of the African Diaspora Film Festival at the campus cinema tonight.

My main interest was in the film called Katrina's Son, since I'm once again heading to New Orleans over spring break with our group of 2011 Alternative Spring Break Gulf Coast kids to do post-Katrina (yes, still, six years later!) Habitat for Humanity work.

However, I'll say a little bit about each film:

  1. Remembering Wei Yi-fang, Remembering Myself

    • Premise: An autobiography charts the influence of the filmmaker’s six-year experience as an African American woman in Taiwan, where through another language and culture and being respected for who she is, without the constant of American racism, she is helped in achieving self-knowledge.

    • One of my favorite parts of this film was when, about half way through maybe, she is checking some demographic boxes on some kind of survey/census form and she checks the one by, "Gay/Lesbian." Twice-blessed: Black and gay.

  2. Katrina's Son

    • Premise: A young boy loses his grandmother during Hurricane Katrina, and he travels to San Antonio, Texas, in search of the mother who abandoned him years earlier.

    • This is the kind of movie I love. No warm fuzzies. No happy endings. Just like real life, sometimes. It's certainly an aspect of Katrina's fallout that hasn't been discussed in mainstream media.

  3. Hit Me

    • Premise: Afer losing his wife and daughter to another man, Philip decides to commit suicide by hiring a hitman.

    • I was so ambivalent about this film. While I loved the idea that a guy would hire a hitman to kill himself because he's too cowardly to do it himself, I found the conversation (between the hired and the hirer) stilted, and in the end, I felt that it was a little cheesy and too moralistic—not unlike how I used to feel a lot at the end of an episode of Touched by an Angel.

I didn't stay around for the Q&As with the filmmakers, as it was after 8:30 and I wanted to get downtown for dancing.

It was a fun enough night. We had an okay number of dancers—Bill came out of boredom and graced us with his presence, and there was a "new" guy there—a short little thing with the waist of a small child. Bitter? Me?

Carl taught a lesson tonight, which he hasn't done in a long, long time, and the dance floor was pretty crowded. I joined in after the lesson, as it was a dance I already knew, The Boot Scoot Boogie, and Carl wanted one of us who knew it on each "wall" so that when the line of dance faced that way, a "leader" would be up front.
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