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Blue, young, and able; a litigious society; (unresolved tension; & a cast crashes TPPN...

~Thursday~  I was at the city bus stop at 8:17 and the bus arrived at 8:21. A minute ahead of schedule if you buy 8:22 as the mode.

A little mixed race boy sat with his very white mother, who had shocking red hair, played with some sort of gadget that spoke in one of those obnoxious little-kid cartoon-type voices. Turned out it was some app on his mother's phone.

Logorrhea boarded at some point and spoke with the redhead, whom she apparently knew, saying to her, "My grandma had red hair like that. Bright red hair. I'm surprised his hair ain't red," she said indicating the boy, who's hair was decidedly nowhere near red. In fact, it was black.

Logorrhea talked as much and as loudly as ever, including a little bit about some lady I think both she and the redhead used to work, "She a crooked general manager, that what she is."

They then moved on to a discussion about some TV reality show with some marine on it, whom "no one will mess with."

Logorrhea said, "It ain't in the script, so he don't do it," she asserted.

At a subsequent stop, a blue hair got on, and a man gave up his "Seats Reserved for Elderly & Disabled," but she passed it up for a Young and Able seat further back.

I had a ridiculous day of meetings at work today, with one from 9:00-9:30, one from 10:00-11:30, another from 1:30-2:30, and finally one from 3:00-4:30. I did have a lunch date today, too, but it ended up getting rescheduled. Whew!

I was in touch with my insurance company today to ask them to try and move things along, expressing my concern that the last status I had from the insurance company of the girl who hit me was that she hadn't called the accident in yet, and she hadn't returned their calls.

At the end of the day, they called me back and told me they'd been in touch with her insurance company, and that the girl had actually returned their calls and they forwarded me a copy of the police report, which contained two charges:



I was graciously honored with another fortuitous meet-up with Ann at the bus stop this evening, where we witnessed two young co-eds get on the Wolfline #6 Carter Finley bus and overheard one of them ask the driver, "Are you going to Carter Finley?"

"No, Mebane," Ann mocked.

When I got home and opened my tiny little mailbox:

Mine's the one circled in red

it was so stuffed I could hardly get the mail out without ripping some. I had no idea so many people cared about me!

Chiropractor, sir?

I don't mean to rub it in, dude, but I could.

Buy my book, mister?

That must have been a spine-tingling experience!

And then there's this crowd. Do you think we live in a litigious country?

My poor, tiny, little mailbox. And those first four pieces were 8.5 x 11 envelopes all curled up and stuffed up in there.

One of my favorite grad school professors sent a pointer to this comic to me in e-mail today, saying: "John, thought of you when I saw this comic. Hope you are well. Jason"

He pegged that one. That is so me!

I received another e-mail today that I considered an affirmation. It was from my friend, and former neighbor Kathryn, that said, "Hi Neighbor! I'm trying to get you over here with us. See below for some of the new townhomes. The Federal Collection townhomes do have one model with a downstairs bedroom. I don't know about the other one mentioned below. Have a great day!" and it contained a link to the listing of a house for sale.

I made myself go to the gym tonight, and arrived there at about 9:00. I did 300 ab crunches, followed by 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine.

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night tonight to support one of the kids in my spring break trip team, who was doing a Drag King performance tonight.

Mary K. Mart opened her monologue with the usual: "Where are all my Lesbians tonight?" and "Where are all my straight people tonight?" and then "Where are all my gay men tonight?" the last of which the response is always the most thunderous, if not always at a higher pitch than the Lesbians' response. But I digress...

Then she said, "We have some very special guests here tonight. Where is my cast from The Producers???" All of a sudden the group standing right in front of me started screaming and waving their hands, these three guys included:

There was a (real) girl cast member with them, too, and her name was Meredith, which I know because her ticket was drawn for a "shitty prize," and she went barreling up to the stage to collect it.

When she came back to the group, she said, "This is gonna be the BEST STORY EVAH!!!"

I thought that was just a little bit sad. I also thought it was sad that, for being performers, they didn't pay any attention to the two people who performed next. They talked, they texted, it did not become a part of them. Didn't even face the stage in mock interest.
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