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~Tuesday~  I left my house by car at 8:18 and just missed both the Wolfline #1 and #9 buses. I checked the buses' GPS via TVS and chose the #9 stop, as it was next to come. As I waited, I realized that I'd forgotten my hard-boiled egg whites this morning to go with my bagel.

As I mentioned in Sunday's entry, I thought about making deviled eggs for our "Valentine's Day Affair" at work on Monday, but what I didn't say was that it was because, recently, I accidentally bought an extra dozen-and-a-half (I always buy the 18-pack) of eggs by mistake. That is, I didn't realize I already had a pack when I bought another.

I usually eat one hard-boiled egg, throwing the yolk away, with some kind of bread—usually an English muffin or one of those new bread thins—for breakfast. But since deciding about those deviled eggs on Friday, I started putting the yolks in a Tupperware container instead of throwing them away, thinking they would make the deviled egg filling even better when I made it.

But now, even though I didn't make the deviled eggs, and I'm not going to make them, I'm still having a little trouble throwing away those cute little yolks that I've saved, as well as throwing away subsequent ones this week. But I digress...

Where was I? Oh yeah. In the middle of this morning's buscapades.

In an unusual turn of events, I was surrounded by twelve, count them twelve, girls on the bus this morning. Statistically, that's a rare occurrence. And the reason it was so obvious to me, of course, was because I was on the lookout for boys.

The young lady sitting to my immediate right was reading The Monsters of Templetown, and the one sitting across from me was reading D.H. Lawrence's Apocalypse.

After my weekly status meeting with my boss, which was mercifully short, I spent a good chunk of the morning combing through the nominations of the two Office of Information Technology University Awards for Excellence winners last year, to highlight the elements of them that made them strong nominations. This year's committee, which I'm on, is going to make those available to the folks to use as a potential guideline in writing up theirs.

Here's what I ended up with if you're interested. (They're done as comments to a PDF, which some browsers don't render in full. If you only see the highlighting and not the comments, and you're really that interested, download the PDF to your personal storage and open it with Adobe Reader instead of through your browser.)

I had lunch with Susan Katz at Sadlack's, where we're in the middle of taking turns using the groupons we each bought.

It was funny to us how David (the guy behind the counter serving everyone) kept saying to people ordering a Diet Coke, "We're out of Diet Coke. Fresca instead?"

It seemed to me that it was a total non sequitur, mostly because it was offering a non-cola alternative to a cola request, but as it turned out, Fresca was his only other diet choice, so from that perspective it made sense as an alternative offering. I always forget that Fresca is a diet drink.

In looking up Fresca in Wikipedia later, I was reminded that it was also made by Coke, and I also learned that Pepsico has a product called Diet Squirt, which I'm just not going to comment about.

After lunch, I grabbed the Wolfline #1 bus to my car, and drove to the body shop associated with Thompson Cadillac-Olds to get an appraisal done on my car's damage.

A really nice guy, named Robert, assessed the damage to my car today. It took him longer than he wanted it to, having a very long phone wait at one point, for which he apologized, trying to get through to a place he's required to check for parts. In the end, the estimate was just under $1900, which really surprised me.

He said, "Now that's just from what I was able to see today. We could get in there and find more than what I can see today, which could change the estimate." He said that they wouldn't start the work until the claim was settled, though, that "in the [Liberty Mutual claims] system," the accident was still denoted as "Fault Being Determined."

I literally laughed out loud when he said that and said, "Let's see. I was completely stopped at a light. She plowed into the rear end of my car. And she was arrested for refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Hmmm. I guess it could be my fault." NOT!

Back at work, I took a free, two-hour, street-side parking spot and promptly set my phone alarm for one hour and forty-five minutes later.

I received a call from the dermatologist's office about the biopsy they did on that little spot on my belly last week: "It's a benign lesion, scar tissue, and no further treatment needed."

Good grief! You would think a dermatologist could recognize scar tissue when s/he sees it. Now I have scar tissue forming on top of the scar tissue that was scraped for a biopsy. Crazy.

I stayed at work until 7:30, when I headed downtown to watch Glee at 8:00 at Flex. Zack, a sexy bartender, was the only person in the place when I arrived—and on his laptop behind the bar. Not on the laptop as in, like, a lap dance or anything, but on it as in using it.

Before Glee came on, one other guy came in, who I've seen at karaoke several times but whose name I didn't know. We exchanged introductions, and his name was Pete.

I love following the Glee Twitter backchannel while it's on, and tonight was no exception. Tonight's episode was what this salon.com article refers to as a "tribute episode," this one being to Justin Bieber. From the Twitter comments, people either hated this episode or loved it, with a direction correlation to said hate or love of the "tributed" celebrity.

The other thing that was funny about the backchannel was that at one point, Sue referred to Will as "Spongebob Squarechin," and that started trending on Twitter, not the least of which helping to trend were a gazillion tweets asking, "Why is spongebob squarechin trending?"

Today, I actually watched two earlier episodes—the one that followed the Superbowl game, and the other one that aired last Tuesday—before watching tonight's so I would be "caught up."

My favorite quote of all three episodes was one of Kurt's responses (let me put a look of on your face) to someone that I think had expressed surprise or suspicion about Kurt saying that he'd seen a football game: "Blaine and I love football. Well, Blaine loves football. I love scarves." And of course he had a big ol' scarf wrapped about three times around his neck.

I left at 9:00, and was happy to have a nice, relaxed evening in.


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Feb. 18th, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)
Waste not want not
Why don't you eat your yolks? I believe they are supposed to be more nutritious than the whites and the whole cholesterol issue is overblown. If you really don't want your yolks I'll take them and make a yolk omelet.
It doesn't take much to run up a repair bill, When the girl rammed into the side of my car it was $2000, and most of the damage was to one door.
We used to always have Squirt around the house growing up (not diet though)hmmmmm maybe I'll need to pick some up. Was trying to remember the jingle, but realized the jingle I was remembering was actually for Wink!
Feb. 18th, 2011 03:52 am (UTC)
Re: Waste not want not

The eggs: I do it mostly for the calories: w/yolk 70 calories, w/o yolk 17. Plus I like just the whites. I usually put the sliced whites on an English muffin, a 60-calories slice of cheese, and a 60-calorie turkey sausage patty, and it's out of this world in the microwave for 10 seconds. And although the cholesterol may be blown out of proportion, my cholesterol level at my next check-up will determine whether I go on cholesterol-lowering medication, which I don't want to do, and I'm not willing to give up cheese, so I give it up in other places instead.

I'm not sure I ever heard of Wink, either. I have heard of Wink Martindale, though. :-)

Thanks for reading and commenting, Phil!
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