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Clearer in the light of day, some cheese with that "house" wine, dinner@Red Lobster, & Caribou, too

~Sunday~  I ran to the grocery store, and on the ride over, I noticed a few things wrong with my car that I didn't notice last night: 1) The Toyota emblem is missing from the front grill of my car, 2) My sunroof no longer slides open, and 3) The spare tire well in the floor of my trunk is buckled up.

Those second two items sound like warning signs of more serious frame damage than meets the eye. Not loving that.

Robert arrived around 4:00, and he seemed genuinely pleased with his "Chez Shumaker" wine gift basket, which in addition to having three bottles of wine with customized labels on them (a picture of his house, with Chez Shumaker written above it):

contained a Toblerone candy bar, two sleeve packages of sesame wheat crackers and three blocks of cheese: super sharp Cheddar, Havarti with dill, and smoked Gouda.

At Robert's treat, we had dinner at Red Lobster at Crossroads, and due to a snafu in our order—in "the computer" and in the kitchen—after a very long wait, and an offer for a free dessert in compensation, we received our meals.

I had what I always get there and absolutely love: Seafood-Stuffed Broiled Flounder, a baked potato and a garden salad. All with several of their most delicious cheese biscuits, of course.

I did some editing work on the proposed content of a web page for work in preparation for a meeting I'm having first thing tomorrow morning with the content owner.

It's the kind of work I enjoy doing—not only checking for typos, grammar errors, and style guide issues, but also assessing the content for things like:

  • Does the information identify and speak to its intended audience?

  • Is the information factually correct?

  • Is the information well organized, and is it "scannable"—employing appropriate headings, for example, to help the reader quickly retrieve what they came for?

  • Are examples necessary, and if they are included, are they concrete?

  • Are all acronyms spelled out on first use, and is internal jargon that the reader either doesn't understand, or care about, avoided?

  • Is the information task-oriented?

All these things, together, are what helps the reader get what they came for quickly, easily, and efficiently.

I met Joe at Caribou Coffee from 7:30 until they closed at 10:00, and Joe tried not to listen to two women sitting at a table next to us who were talking all about nursing stuff. They appeared to be studying for some type of exam, and they were two people who had interned in his hospital.

At some point during the time there, I did some Google and Facebook searches of the young lady who hit me. Isn't the Internet and Social Media wonderful? I decided against a Facebook friend request to the perp.

I also went to the Kelly Blue Book for Used Cars website, and determined that the value of my car (a 2001 Toyota Camry 4-DR Sedan Automatic with ~95,000 miles on it) is around $5,500.

We drove over to the nearby Harris Teeter when Caribou closed, and Joe checked out the damage to my car. He noticed a few more things that I hadn't noticed, so it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I was going to get ingredients to make deviled eggs, but once inside the grocery store, I settled on a pecan pie that was already made, and marked down from $6.99 to $3.99.

I just didn't feel like going home and boiling a dozen-and-a-half eggs, letting them cool, peeling them, mixing up the yolk mixture, and then topping them, as I wasn't going to get home until about 10:30.

I had the slightest of headaches all day today, which I'm wondering about after this accident, of course. I rarely, if ever, get headaches.
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