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Cigarettes vs. 401k plans, trading a conference for a Mac, and RuPaul upstages LaToya...

~Monday~  In spite of it being absolutely useless getting to my city bus stop before 8:15, I arrived there at 8:14. While I waited for the bus to come, which once again arrived at 8:22, I devised a to-do list on my phone and e-mailed it to my work e-mail account.

As the bus approached the next stop after I got on, a guy put out a cigarette that looked like he'd just started, and I thought about the dollars and cents just snuffed out and of this statistic I recently read: "A 40-year-old who quits and puts the savings into a 401(k) could save almost $250,000 by age 70." When he walked by me to take a seat further back, it smelled like that thing was smoldering in his coat pocket. Not that I'd blame him if it were.

There's not a lot of available real estate on Gorman Street, but a few months back, a huge corner lot was cleared of trees, and I've been wondering ever since what was going there. Today, I saw a sign that said, "Bristol Creek Apartments Coming Soon."

An artist's rendering of Bristol Creek

My work day did not start off pleasantly, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Mid-morning, one of our managers dropped by my office to give me a hand-me-down MacBook Air that I received in exchange for "turning in" about $1500 worth of "professional development" money for this fiscal year.

With that said, I'm grateful to have an opportunity to use a Mac at work, as I'm (more than ever) considering getting one to replace my Thinkpad, whose battery is beyond beyond hope and whose hard drive, well let's just say—even with all the porn deleted—is still teetering on the edge of saturation:

3.5 gig left of 52

I also appreciated that the manager spent about 30 minutes giving me a "quick start education" about the differences between Windows and the Mac OS, especially since I'm expected to use this machine all day tomorrow and Wednesday in a training class.

I went to Alex's tonight for 9:00, where along with Joe, Alex, Steve, we watched RuPaul's Drag Race. I brought Twanda's Sausage-Cream Cheese-Rotel dip with me, and it was a hit. Alex provided pizza, which was delicious.

A little ways into the show I started following it on the Twitter backchannel, and laughed out loud at several of the tweets. A few of them, which I can't remember verbatim, but the gist of which were particularly entertaining:

  • "My god, I've got to stop watching RuPaul Drag's Race. I'm such a fag hag."

  • "RuPaul, as either a man or a woman, looks better than LaToya Jackson."

  • "These drag queens look incredible and many of them much better than me, like all of them."
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