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Traveling inanimate object memories, dead relatives redux, team players in the gym, and Caribou...

~Sunday~  Oh glorious sleepful morning. I arose at 11:30. Guess what I did this morning! Right. Coffee. Breakfast. Country Gospel Music. PostSecrets.

A few secrets captured my imagination this morning:

Before I replace my travel toothbrush, I think of all the beautiful places it's been to

to which someone had mailed in a related secret:

I think about all the things my glasses have seen whenever I get a new pair.

That secret last week about not being able to delete dead relatives' and friends' names from a contact list touched a lot of people in addition to me. They had several people respond by e-mail about it, as well as several who sent in voice recordings to with them.

I found these three compelling:

Its been almost 6 months since my husband died. He is still on my phone, my AIM and I secretly keep hoping he'll message me.

My dad left me this message 2 weeks to the day before he killed himself. He had been miserable for 3 years and this was the happiest I'd heard him in a long time. I think it was because he had finally made the decision and he didn't have to fight it anymore.

After my grandmother passed away I saved a voice mail of her singing "It's somebody's birthday" on my phone. It means a lot to me that she always called on my birthday to sing me this song. This particular recording is still sent out to every member of my family on their birthday. She passed away in October of 2009.

With my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, I posted this status update this morning, which as you can see, got some fun responses:

Is there some kind of sports game on today?

I got to the gym late in the day, at around 5:50. It was early enough to get in my 300 ab crunches, followed by an upper body workout before it closed at 7:00.

Jumping right to the stereotyping place, I took a good look at the few guys in the gym at this hour on Super Bowl Sunday, thinking the odds for once were in my favor that they play on my team. But I digress...

I increased the weights on the triceps machine, and I know I'm going to be feeling that tomorrow.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and after dropping them off at home, I headed to Caribou Coffee to meet Joe and hang out for a couple of hours.

As he usually does, he clocked into his travel agency job while we were there, and perseverated through the prices of just about every permutation of getting from Raleigh to Key West by car, train, plane, and donkey.

We are still unable to get there in a reasonable way for less than $500, which is just too high.

When the coffee shop closed at 10:00, I toyed with the idea of going down to Legends for the 11:30 show, especially since I could get in free, but came to my senses in time and went home instead.

I hard-boiled six eggs for my breakfasts for the upcoming week, boiled three very large chicken breasts for dinners, and fried some pork sausage for a dip I'm going to make tomorrow night.

And then I devised Friday's and Saturday's blog entries.
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