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Dinner with Janet...

Started off the day with the PFLAG presentation in B500. There were a disappointing, I think, six people present. What a bummer. I enjoyed the presentation though, loved listening to the two PFLAG parents telling their story. The retired Baptist minister sharing his story was particularly interesting. I asked them what the most common impetus (if there was one) was that made parents finally take that step, and attend a PFLAG meeting. The answer was one of those accurate, but not satisfying type answers, "When they are ready."

Back at the office I prepared for the 1:00 "Process War Room Meeting" (I hate the name of that meeting!), which was led by BT today because Alan (and Rich) were on vacation. It went pretty smoothly. Cassandra made a good contribution on the call, which I really appreciated.

I left the office at about 3, stopped at the drugstore at 54/55, bought some 9x12 manila envelopes, went to the post office and mailed the printed copies of my final journal update to those who don't have e-mail.

I hung out at Morgan Imports, and Brightleaf Square for a while, killing time until it was time to meet Janet at Tosca's for dinner. I stopped in Fowlers and had a cup of coffee in there. In their meat case, they had a sign, "Portuguese Sausages -- Chourico or Linguisa!" I made a mental note of that.

Janet had actually already arrived when I got to the door! Yippee. We had a really nice dinner. She caught me up on how the execution of Diane's estate is going -- it isn't -- due to currently getting the will validated, as the original cannot be found, and they are working from a copy. There's also been a lot of drama around being able to get into Diane's apartment as that idiot cousin that accused Janet (at the funeral) of murdering Diane contacted the police, who subsequently worked with the apartment complex owners to have the locks changed.

Janet had a fish and vegetables plate, and I had Spaghetti Carbonara, which was delicious. We had the most delicious brushetta appetizer, too. Dessert and coffee was divine, too, as was our waiter.

During dinner, Janet surprised me by asking me if I would consider being the executor of her estate. I accepted.

As it turned out, she had a ton of work today so decided to pass on going to the film, Flag Wars, which is where we were going after dinner. Being that I was so tired, and they are showing that film on PBS, I decided to bag it as well.

The Tour de Friends t-shirts came in the mail today, and they fit! Yippee!

I caught up on very heartwarming, ride-related e-mails when I got home. I also had a nice chat with Steve on my land line. She finally got the e-mail about that! :-)

I had a nice AIM chat with Robert. Forever (the F-word!) the sweet man!

I updated the list of folks I'm riding for as several requests came in today as a result of my e-mail with the final training ride journal update.

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