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What "saggy pants" is thinking, "Nightwork": an absolute HOOT, and a short Black History Month...

~Thursday~ I was back on the city bus this morning, arriving at the bus stop at 8:17, and the bus arriving at 8:22, once again hitting its mode. For the first time I can ever remember all five people who were already seated were all at a window seat, leaving the aisle seat open in case the bus gets crowded and people have to share a seat. I followed suit.

A man whose cell phone ring tone was that of an old-fashioned telephone got two calls fairly close to each other. Both times he let it ring way too long before he answered it. The first time I thought it was just taking him a long time to get it out of his pocket, or wherever it was, to answer it. But the second time, it was already out.

I noticed that all eight ads on today's bus were house ads—fare changes, leftover MLK holiday schedules, and detours, oh my.

At a subsequent stop, a kid got on with his pants hanging down as low as this guy on the left:

Two guys from the back with saggy pants on working under the hood of a car

When I see this fad, particularly when the pants are down that far, my thought is never, "What in the hell are you thinking?" because I think I know exactly what they're thinking. They're thinking the same thing we thought when we wore these:

Men in disco clothes

What I actually think is, "How do those things stay up?"

My boss called in sick today.

I met Anna for lunch at Mitch's Tavern. The company was good, as it always is with Anna, and I had their yummy Polish Sausage sandwich for my lunch.

I didn't get out to the bus stop until about 6:08, and I was afraid I'd missed the 6:00. When it arrived, right at 6:10, I took huge steps up onto it, and said to the driver, "Whew, this is a tall bus."

"Yes, it is," she said, not apologetically in any way, but simply confirming.

I met Robert at Manbites Dog Theater at 8:00, where I gave him the last piece of my Pistachio Nut Cake, and he gave me homemade caramels. Sweet. Literally.

We saw Nightwork, in which my friend Jeffrey Moore stars, which has sold out nearly every performance, and which had me rolling most of the night.

by Monica Byrne
Directed by Jay O'Berski

It's late night in a biomedical research lab and careers are on the line for five high-strung grad students. World premiere of an outrageously dark comedy. January 27-February 12, 2011.

More about the show

Here's Jeffrey as Blair:

Jeffrey Moore playing Blair in Nightwork

I thoroughly enjoyed Jeffrey's performance, and I just don't know how he isn't hoarse by the end of the week playing that role every night.

I can't recommend this enough if you enjoy live theater and want a good laugh. Get your tickets now, because as I mentioned it's been selling out nearly every performance.

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night, arriving at about 11:30. Alex and Steven P. weren't out, nor Bill and Steven C. Bob arrived shortly after I did. Yay.

The absolutely irreverent Jackie O'Knight hosted and in her opening monologue she said, "Well, it's Black History Month. And of course we got the shortest month. Ain't that some shit?"

I received this sweet affirmation from my friend Linda:

Thank you, my friend!
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