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The prodigal gym bunny, bleeding employees, crashing dishes, screaming babies, & a crowded bar...

~Saturday~  I finally got my lazy ass back to the gym today, where I did only 200 ab crunches, since I haven't done them in over a week, and so I'll still be able to sit up tomorrow. I followed that up with 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine.

I didn't see any dated shirts, and I wasn't annoyed by anyone around me.

I ran a couple of long-overdue errands today including stopping in two places to return items—Kmart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I returned three items total, bought one new, and the three returned items netted me more money than the thing I bought cost. Bonus.

I spent a couple of hours at the Panera Bread at Crossroads, where I sat at a table next to two very "outdoorsy" ladies, if you know what I mean. I'm quite sure they play on my team.

They were each using a plug for their respective laptops, and I said with my three-plug extender visible to them, "Do you mind if I unplug one of you for a second to make this plug social?"

Two things happened while I was there that I posted a Facebook status update about:

  1. I took an e-rewards survey, and after indicating what state I live in, I posted this update:

    I wish I lived in a state whose name began with a litter higher up in the alphabet so I didn't have to scroll for it on surveys

    which turned out to be one of those updates that unexpectedly sparks more discussion than you could possibly ever have imagined. Fun.

  2. And then, after an exclamation from one of the workers behind the counter, I posted this:

    I feel quite confident in saying that MOST people would prefer not to hear one worker yell to another behind the counter, 'You're BLEEDING???'

Shortly after that another worker, who was gathering the dirty dishes and utensils by the trash station, dropped the entire tub of them, which made a huge crashing noise as both ceramic mugs and plates cracked in pieces, immediately after which a baby started screaming its lungs out, immediately after which all the adults in the place started laughing.

At around 7:00, I made my way over to Sweet Tomatoes, where I had a coupon for dinner, and where I overate. The place was hugely crowded and the process was not at all conducive to efficiently moving people through.

I went downtown in time to meet Joe at Flex at 10:30, and in time to drop by Legends before that to pick up my membership. More drama ensued getting it, but I did, and I headed over to Flex.

Joe and I had a few drinks there, and then he, Brother, and I made our way over to Legends, where I used my new "VIP" membership to get Joe in free with me, and without having to wait in line to get in.

After getting a drink we made our way over to the Spotlight Theater, where the midnight show had already begun, and where it had to be the most crowded I've ever seen the place. And more people just kept pouring in.

It got so crowded that I just left, but sitting over in the bar area of The View, the traffic through there just kept getting worse and worse. It really just got out of control, and I sent an e-mail to Joe telling him that I was leaving.

And as if it weren't crowded enough in there, when I left I passed a line out the door and to the end of the sidewalk area leading into The View side of Legends. And they just kept letting them all in. At $8.00 a pop, wouldn't you?
Tags: affirmations (implicit), bar talk, cardio, coffee shops, customer service, exercise, facebook, gym, shopping

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