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Rabbit gloves, dressing to the right, a SIGDOC gathering, what lying feels like, & some minutes...

~Thursday~  I was running very late this morning, and I parked on Gorman near Avent Ferry to catch the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus, which came at around 8:45. An Asian girl was at the stop and she had on black, knitted gloves that had white rabbit faces raised on the back side of the hands.

At the Kaplan and Gorman intersection stop, Barry from my townhouse complex, and member of our homeowners association board of directors, boarded.

The boy sitting across from me wore a maroon, Carnegie Mellon sweatshirt, and he read a coverless blue book with a white binder on which was written, "The Happiness Makeover by M.J. Ryan". His beige pants were tight enough in the crotch that you could tell that he dressed to the right.

I had a meetingless work day, which by now, you know I love.

At about 6:30, I made my way across the street and down the road to the Caldwell Hall lounge to join the fun peeps of the student SIGDOC chapter, where I hung out until 9:00.

At one point, we got to telling stories about our parents, and one of the people there, Sarah M., told this jaw-dropping one that went something like this.

My parents have always been very germ conscious. (And this has carried over to her, too, as before this story she talked about taking a pilates class and asking the instructor how often the mats were cleaned between sessions, and the answer was not enough that she ended up bring her own mat from then on.) And I always hung out with my baby sister when I was young, and one time, when I was 7, I took her into a bathroom with me. And when we were done in there, I didn't feel like washing her hands, so I didn't.

When we came out, my mom asked me if I'd washed my sister's hand and I lied and said I had. She looked at my sister's hands and then she said, "Her hands aren't clean. You didn't wash them, did you? You lied to me, didn't you?" To which she admitted, "Yes."

Now one of the things Sarah loved the most as a little girl was to go roller-skating, and later that afternoon her mother yelled to her, "Get your stuff together, we're going to the skating rink!" When Sarah came running to the door ready to go, her mother said, "We're not going to the skating rink. I lied. How does that feel when someone lies to you?"

Whew! Talk about some tough love! Love it!

At 9:00, I walked down to the Bell Tower, and the Wolfline #1 Avent Ferry pulled up within a minute. Good timing!

Once home, I spent a little time starting on the edit of the minutes from the Manbites Dog 25th Anniversary Celebration Planning meeting, just far enough into the recording to get everyone's names and their association with the theater to send to Jeff, Ed, and Michael for a meeting they're having this weekend.

And, then, I actually got to bed at a reasonable hour. Yay for that.
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