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A scabby jeans pocket, critical thinkers gone missing, lunch w/Susan, & problematic dialogue...

~Tuesday~  I drove over to Gorman and Avent Ferry, and picked up the #9 Greek Village Wolfline bus at about 8:00.

Once again, the bus filled up within the first two or three stops, which meant that soon thereafter there were rear ends about my face. I couldn't help thinking that the back pocket (or should I say the lack thereof) on this boy's jeans:

Right rear pocket of guy's jeans completely ripped (or cut) off

looked like a wound whose scab had been ripped off.

It's always interesting to watch the faces of the students at the bus stops being passed by because the bus is full. It's first a look of disbelief, which quickly evolves to anger. The only thing that would have made the first group the driver passed angrier, would have been for them to know that he then stopped at a subsequent stop and picked up a couple of people. I've never seen that happen before, and I'm not sure if it was because there were only a couple of people at that subsequent stop that he thought could still fit on, or what.

The bus was so full that three students stood in the rear door well, which is a huge no-no, albeit only some bus drivers ever enforce it at all. However, the ones that do enforce it, do it with a vengeance. The thing that was crazy about the three that were there today was when the bus stopped, they tried so hard to scrunch together so the people getting off could exit. All three of them wore backpacks, and the exit is not that wide, so it was quite difficult to pass them to exit.

Uh, how about stepping off the bus to get out of the way and then get back on once people have exited? Has critical thinking in this country deteriorated so much that such a simplistic solution wouldn't occur to even one of those three students?

I had my weekly staff meeting with my manager, which was productive.

I met my friend, and former professor, Susan Katz, for lunch at Sadlack's. We'd both recently bought Groupons for Sadlack's, $7.00 for $15.00 worth of food, I believe was what we paid. We've agreed to take turns using them and paying, as you have to use the whole thing at once, and we'd never order $15.00 worth of food individually.

As always, we had a good lunch there, and great conversation between us when David wasn't showing us something on his phone. ;-)

I added this group picture, which includes 15 of the 17 members of our team who were at Saturday's retreat at Habitat:

15 of the 17 members of our ASB 2011 Gulf Coast team

I got to bed at a fairly decent hour tonight, and read some more of The First Five Pages. I'm on the section about dialog, and since I use a lot of it in my blog entries, I'm finding it very, very interesting.

Here's an excerpt from the TOC, which shows the numerous things that can reduce the effectiveness—or outright ruin—dialog:


    • Chapter 6: Between the Lines

    • Chapter 7: Commonplace

    • Chapter 8: Informative

    • Chapter 9: Melodramatic

    • Chapter 10: Hard to Follow
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