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Underwear, goodie trails, & abs, oh my; a heavy flow day; risk mitigation; & No Strings Attached...

~Thursday~ I was running behind this morning, and in a rush to get over to the Avent Ferry Park & Ride (AFP&R) to catch a Wolfline bus, I hit my neighbor's recycle bin with the left front wheel of my car and tipped it over. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't get out to turn it back up right and clean up the little bit that had spilled out.

The AFP&R spots were all taken, so I drove back to Gorman Street and parked along the street, just in time to get out of my car and get on the #9 Greek Village bus as it pulled up.

By the third stop, the bus was completely full. A girl across from me was reading Hurry Down Sunshine, which I'd never heard of. A girl to the left of me was reading what looked like a short story, all in Spanish.

The bus driver needed to be more assertive, as he asked the students standing in the aisle to move back in a voice so soft that only the first maybe four or five people up front in the aisle could hear him. That does absolutely no good, as they can't go anywhere until the people further back move back, and those people couldn't hear the driver's request.

One good thing about getting on early when the bus turns out to be so crowded, and the fashion standard these days being boy's pants hanging half off their asses, is that when they're all lined up in front of your face in the aisle, and their arms are up in the air holding onto the bar to keep them from being thrown about the bus, there's quite the display of underwear varieties, goodie trails, and sometimes even abs. The two boys directly in front of me this morning showed off, between them, one pair of blue-beige-gray boxers and one pair of a black Danskin-like fabric. Not that I was looking.

I had three meetings today, one from 9:00-10:00 with the director of one of our organizational units, which finished at about 9:45, and then another from 10:00-11:30 in a building across the street from hours. I took it as implicit affirmations that two people stopped by my office to ask me if I wanted to walk together to the one across the street.

After that second meeting, I caught a Wolfline bus over to Carmichael Gym for a lunch meeting at the nearby Talley Student Center of the leadership team for the upcoming Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trips. Once again, the bus was super crowded. If the Wolfline were menstruating today, it would have been what one would have considered a "heavy flow" day. But I truly digress...

Today's ADB leadership meeting was about risk and liability reduction and strategies for keeping us all safe on our trips. The last part of the workshop was to break into groups and look at case studies. Our group's case to consider was that a student becomes ill while on an international trip, and has to have surgery (appendix removal) in a local hospital. The partner group (for example, Habitat for Humanity) offers to have someone stay with the student, as does one of the local people associated with the trip, and the ASB leaders go back to the rest of the group to keep things on track. It turned out that the female student got raped while under anesthesia back at the hospital. We had to consider questions like:

  1. Could the university be sued for this incident?

  2. To what level is the leadership team responsible for what happened?

  3. What could the leadership team have done differently in this situation?

Jen picked me up at 7:15, and we went to see
No Strings Attached at Mission Valley Theaters. This was a sneak preview, for which she had two vouchers, and we had to get there a little early, as seating was limited. Since the show started at 8:00, we made it in plenty of time to get a seat.

I had a coupon (of course I did) for a free medium sized popcorn, and Jen and I each got a beer—she because she likes beer, and me, just because you can there. I, of course, would have preferred a mixed drink, but that wasn't an option.

I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies, mostly due to two things: 1) 99% of the time they're about straight couples, and 2) 99% of the time they have happy endings, but I went mostly for two reasons: 1) it was free, and 2) to hang out with my friend Jen. I was surprised to find it better than I anticipated, and although I'm not generally attracted to smooth men, Ashton Kutcher was definitely easy on the eyes, and the naked shot from behind was pretty nice, I have to say.

I went to Trailer Park Prize Night, where I hung out for a while with Alex, Steven P, Bill, and Steven C, for most of the night. It was a pretty decent show, as it featured the "Girls of Drag Bingo."
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