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Why it ain't take my coins, why take the bus, a customer service flash, Burlesque redux, & dancing..

~Wednesday~ I was at the city bus stop at 8:14 and the bus arrived at 8:25, with Hot Mess Driver at the helm. I made a quick assessment as to whether I thought I could make it the entire ride with my sweatjacket on and decided I couldn't. Too hot.

At a subsequent stop, a "piggy banker" got on, and after depositing his approximate 15-coin fare (to total $2.00), one of the coins had fallen back out in the coin return. "Why it ain't take my coin?" he asked the driver.

"Just try it again," she said reaching into the coin return and handing him the dime.

For some reason, I got to thinking about why people take the bus, and I thought it would be safe to conclude that most people taking the bus take it because they have to, not because they want to or just because they can.

In a rare display of customer service, when an older man boarded on Hillsborough Street, the driver actually watched him in the rearview mirror and didn't accelerate the bus until he was safely in a seat.

I had two work meetings today, and one of them was at the Bruegger's Bagel Bakery at Mission Valley shopping center. My kind of meeting. It was a meeting of the "Social Media Subgroup," during which we summarized recent work in order to present it at the second meeting later in the day.

That one was at the end of the day, from 3:30-5:00, was back on Avent Ferry Road, this time at the Avent Ferry Technology Center. It was a meeting of the Web and Digital Media Communications Subcommittee, and Leslie presented the material we had discussed at the earlier meeting.

I met Joe at Blue Ridge Carmike 14, where for $1.50 each, we saw Burlesque. I'd already seen it and Joe hadn't. I thoroughly enjoyed it again, this time mostly just taking in the music, and of course noticing a few little things here and there that I missed the first time through.

It got out at a little after 9:00, and I headed directly downtown to dancing. We had a fair number of dancers this evening and a decent number of bar patrons were there, too, including Bob and Brother. Joe Judge was there, too, and I had a great shadow dance with him.

There was also a straight guy there who tried to learn some of our dances by dancing along, which is next to impossible. He didn't seem to be any more adept it than anyone else, but since he was already a line dancer (over at The Long Branch), he understood dance floor etiquette and did not get in people's way while trying to learn them, which we all appreciated.

I got in a good night of cardio.
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