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Brunch w/Anna, Country Strong and dinner w/Robert, scareyoke w/Joe, and the bathroom w/Dulcolax...

~Sunday~ Yesterday, my friend Anna called and asked me if I'd be interested in brunch today. And that's who I found myself with at 10:30 this morning at Helios. I had their Early Rise, with cheddar substituted for Gruyere, along with some coffee of course.

early rise. 5.75
a café helios classic, butter croissant with scrambled egg, Gruyere, tomatoes & mustard

The only thing better than the breakfast was the company. Always the case with Anna.

I stopped by K-mart to pick up my Nexium prescription and to fill my MoviPrep prescription, which is going to make tomorrow evening and early Tuesday morning very, very unpleasant. While I was there, I picked up some junk for the movies, namely a box or Raisinets, a box of Milk Duds (each $1.25, instead of the $2.50 or $3.50 they'd be at the movie), and two Cadbury eggs—one creme and the other caramel.

RaisinetsMilk DudsCadbury Creme EggCadbury Caramel Egg

I met Robert at Brier Creek and we saw the 2:00 showing of Country Strong. It wasn't a phenomenal movie or anything, but it was entertaining. Gwenyth Paltrow once again confirms her singing prowess, and it'll be interesting to see if the two supporting stars launch careers as country singers after it, assuming it was really them singing and that's their goal.

Leighton Meester & Garrett Hedlund
Leighton Meester & Garrett Hedlund

If nothing else, if the gossip rags are right, they seem to be dating.

After the movie, Robert and I had dinner at Applebee's. He had their Oriental Chicken Salad, and I had the Southwest Jalapeño Burger. In a rare display of real customer service in this day and age, one of the workers there asked us before doing so, "Excuse me guys, would it bother you if I swept beneath the table next to you?"

I had high hopes of running to the gym when I got back to Raleigh, but it never happened. At 7:00, the official start of the prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow arrived. I took two Dulcolax pills, which were actually taped to my instructions on everything to do for my procedure. All it said on the paper was, "Take these at 7PM on Sunday night," with a little arrow drawn pointing up to the taped pills. On a whim, I thought, "Let me just Google that and see what that's for."

Needless to say that since I was on my way out for the evening, it's kind of important to know that they are going to start "emptying your bowels in about 6 to 8 hours!" You can bet I was sure to be home before 1:00!

Joe and I met at Flex at 9:00, where we ran into Chris (zinnian) and Phil, and later in the evening Brother and Glenn arrived, and the four of us hung for the rest of the night. It was scareyoke night, and there were pretty much the usual suspects there.

Back at home, things really got to moving towards tomorrow's big event. This is how the one five years ago went: That's Right Up My Hole.
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