DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Almost done, and Brooks & Dunn...

We had our 2nd to the last training ride today! We rode out at 9:30, and it was around 30 miles starting at North Wake High School.

[Insert training ride journal entry here.]

Robert arrived early afternoon, and we took about a half hour nap before heading over to Vann's for the pre-concert party. It was a good party, good conversation considering we've never really done anything social with the Flex dancers before, and the food was killer.

The concert was a blast, albeit long. We line danced to several songs, and the girls sitting next to us joined it. It was quite a hoot.

Adam was totally shit-faced by the time we left. Fortunately we made it out of there without incident. Carl and Allen rode with us. We were the first ones back to the house, but had to wait for Vann to get back since Allen had left his keys in the house. They arrived, like a bat out of hell, after a few minutes.

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