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Back of neck kissing, lallygagging gym patrons, a brilliant ad campaign, working, and reading...

~Sunday~  I was up after eight hours of sleep and fixed a nice egg, sausage, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin, along with a pot of delicious Joe's Coffee House Bourbon Pecan coffee.

You know what's coming next. It's Sunday. I put on my country gospel CD, and read this week's PostSecrets while enjoying my breakfast. This one drew me in, because it involves riding the bus, but I can honestly say I've never had this thought myself.

Sometimes when I'm on the bus I have an overwhelming urge to kiss the neck of the person in front of me

However, I can't honestly say I won't start looking at the backs of necks now, but I sure hope I don't. Thanks a lot, PostSecrets!

I got to the gym at about 2:30, and oh boy, I've got to find some way to chill out when I go there. I'm supposed to be relieving stress while I'm there, not inducing it. I so easily get annoyed with people, particularly people who are lallygagging around the place. Focus, people, focus!

Today's lot of aggravators included, but was not limited to:

  1. My usual nemesis who does the "walk and slide" at 1 MPH on the treadmill for 30-45 minutes, just looking all around the room as if in a fog.

  2. A guy stood almost right in front of the ab crunch bench I was using the entire time I was using it (about 15-20 minutes) watching a soccer game on one of the TVs. Did you want to watch the game today? And you came to the gym at the same time it was on because? And the reason you can't stand in the back of the gym and watch it without being in people's space is?

  3. A guy stood near a wall with a paper towel in his hand, and he wiped a spot on the wall in circles for about five minutes. At first I thought maybe he had leaned against it and was wiping his sweat off the wall—even though it wasn't in any kind of exercising area; it was in the walkway between one part of the gym and the other. But five minutes. That's a long time to be wiping in a little circle in one spot on a wall for a little head sweat, or worse yet, for no apparent reason at all. WTF???

  4. A guy and a girl, not the same couple I bitched about last week, were doing some stretching exercises—not in the place in the gym conducive to that, but taking up one of the two fly-weight machine areas, and right in front of the machines on which I was doing my upper body routine. The guy put his hands on various parts of her body to "set" her correctly for this stretching exercise and that one. At one point they sat facing each other, soles of feet to soles of feet, holding hands, and bending forward and backward in tandem. Really? Is all that necessary? Maybe someone should start a straight couples' gym where all that straight privilege can play itself out.
I'll have to start taking my blood pressure when I get home from the gym, or perhaps start doing my exercising blindfolded while I'm there. Or at the very least, take an anti-bitter pill before I go.

I went into my office for a little while, where I was fairly productive, although not happy about being there. I've got to start doing more work during the week, so I'm not there every Sunday night. My job situation is enough of a drag right now without that, but too, I know that's part of the reason I don't get more done during the week.

I left there at about 6:00, and I stopped to eat dinner at Applebee's. One of my Christmas gifts from my sister and her husband was a $25 gift card there, and that's what I used tonight.

I think this advertising campaign they have going on right now—during New Year's resolution and dieting time—for some specialty drinks is nothing short of brilliant:

SkinnyBee® Margarita around 100 calories. "Pretty cool when you realize you burn 3 calories just by lifting your glass to take a sip."

SkinnyBee® Long Island Iced Tea around 110 calories. "Perfect for sitting down with friends and sharing a laugh, which, by the way, burns 1.3 calories per minute."

SkinnyBee® Mojito around 90 calories. "That means you could burn almost a quarter of this minty, Cruzan rum-inspired cocktail with just a day's worth of blinking!"

At home after dinner, I caught up with Robert on instant message, made some Scrabble moves in our current game, and then completed yesterday's and this blog entry.

I did some more work before heading in to try and finish The Help this evening.
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