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A lazy Saturday, an erroneous "black crises" warning, and not feeling it out...

~Saturday~  I had a lazy, lazy Saturday. After sleeping seven hours, I got up, had breakfast, played a little Scrabble and worked on Friday's blog entry.

Starting at about 1:00, I read a good chunk of The Help, of which I'm coming down the home stretch now, and after which I fell asleep for another couple of hours. Did I mention lazy?

After missing two days in a row, I couldn't let another one pass without getting to the gym before it closed at 7:00 tonight.

I got there at 5:30, and shortly after arriving, my friend Justis came in. He joined the gym a couple of days ago, so I'll probably run into him there now and again. Although, he did say that one of the reasons he joined this particular gym was because it's open 24 hours a day during the week, which appeals to him because he keeps such irregular hours. So I may see him, I may not.

After my 300 (15 sets of 20) ab crunches, while moving to the elliptical machine for 30 minutes of cardio, I ran into Dave Riehm, who I also believe is fairly new to this particular gym. I think he used to go to the one downtown.

While on the elliptical machine, the weather came on TV—on one of the 6:00 news channels—and at one point, those brilliant (Not!) close captions transcribed "black ice is" as "black crises." Nice.

It was "Beard Night" at Flex, and I arrived there at about 10:15. Dave and I walked up to the bar at about the same time, and joked about following each other around all day, since we'd seen each other at the gym earlier.

There really weren't that many people there that I know well enough to chat with, or that I wanted to chat with, and in fact I sat in the shadows some of the time to not be seen by one person who once he gets your ear, chances are it won't be your own again for way too long a time. He yammered for about 20 minutes non-stop with this guy who by the tenth minute was exuding body language that screamed, "All right, already," to the one person who didn't stop talking long enough to hear it.

Glenn had checked in with me earlier in the evening and was supposed to be coming out tonight, but we didn't really talk about a specific time. At just before 11:00, after not even having been there an hour, I sent him a message saying that I "just wasn't feelin' it" there and was headed home.

As it turned out, from later messages, we missed each other by about five minutes.
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