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Vacation days dissipating, her OWN network, January to forget December Sale, and no stinking luck...

~Saturday, New Year's Day~ I slept in again this morning. The precious few vacation days left are quickly dissipating.

There were no New Year's Day parades or football games on any of the TVs in my house today. Oh yeah, I don't own any TVs. Just sayin'...

The gym was only open from 10:00 - 5:00 today, and I arrived there at about 3:10. I started with my stretching exercises, and then at 200 into my 300 ab crunches, I had a sudden bout of nausea—bad enough to make me just stop right then. I moved to the elliptical machine, where I did a 30-minute cardio workout.

A guy doing the weight machines off to my right had a mustard yellow Afro pick in his very short hair. The only time he did anything with it was to pull it out to move it, presumably because it was coming loose. My question is, "Why?"

I've mentioned here before that I look at the bank of TVs hanging above all the machines in the gym as I do my ab crunches in order to help me keep count of my sets; that is, I look at TV #1 while doing the first set, TV #2 while doing the second set, and so on. While doing that today, I got to thinking about Oprah's new OWN network, and I wondered if it was going to be integrated into—well, it would have to replace one, actually—the ten networks that are currently across the TVs.

That made me start wondering how the ones that are already up there were chosen, and that made me note each one of them that are currently there:

  • TV #1: ESPN

  • TV #2: MSNBC

  • TV #3: ESPN2 (I'm not really sure this is ESPN-2; It only said "ESPN" down in the right hand corner of the screen, but it had different programming on it than what was on TV #1 that also said "ESPN" in the lower right corner of the screen.)

  • TV #4: MTV

  • TV #5: Fox 50

  • TV #6: NBC

  • TV #7: VH1

  • TV #8: FOX (I don't know how this relates to the "Fox 50" station that's on TV #5, but the programming is different. Maybe it's FX? I saw what I thought was an ad for a show called FX, but a quick Google search just now says that FX is a network. Who knows? I can't keep it all straight. Did I mention I haven't owned a TV for 7+ years?)

  • TV #9: CBS

  • TV #10: ABC

Far be it from me to be critical about TV commercials, but you Lexus guys, January 1 is past time when we should be seeing ads for your December to Remember Sale. Just Sayin'...

Oh, and by the way, you also say in that ad campaign, "No one ever wished for a smaller gift," but I actually know a person who wished for a diamond ring for Christmas, but got a blouse instead, so technically, she did wish for a smaller gift.

Or did you mean no one ever wished for a less expensive gift? Because, in that case, once while I was married, I bought my wife a very, very expensive diamond bangle bracelet, and she said, crying, "It's so beautiful, but I would much, much rather have you want me more than you do than to have this." So technically, she wanted something less expensive.

But I digress...

I had plans to eat out after my workout, but I ended up coming home and making something here. I also had plans of going into work right after that, but I decided to wait and go later, so that I could go directly downtown from there, as my office is fairly close to downtown.

I devised yesterday's, and most of today's blog entries after dinner.

After a shower, I went into my work office for a couple of hours, where I mostly got through my backed-up e-mail, and updated my status report for the Monday through Thursday before Christmas.

After that, I stopped by Flex for a little while, where it was Bear Night, but I didn't stay too very long because they actually had black-eyed peas and collards cooking in there and it stunk. I don't like either one of those things, and they couldn't get lucky enough to make me eat them on New Year's Day.

And, besides, from the ad, I was expecting the black-eyed peas, but additionally expected to see men in leather bondage outfits being led around by a chain to their neck. My bad.

Flex ad with collards misspelled as collars

In the spirit of apophasis, I'm not even going to point out the erroneous space between "hang" and "over" or the hyphen missing between "black" and "eyed" or the missing space between "good" and "luck," as that would just be petty.

I stopped at the Cameron Village Harris Teeter on the way home, where the most exciting thing I bought was some Gouda cheese on sale from $8.99 to $4.99.
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